Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Good morning!!! Thank ya'll for the warm welcome back yesterday, I'm so touched and tickled. It's nice to know people notice when you're gone and look forward to your return. Cheeseeeeee.

I've been getting the most questions both from Elle Noel readers and people in my real life about our sweet Nola girl. How many marbles did ya'll lose in this move adding in another puppy? You really have two puppies? Really?

Nola is Nacho's litter mate and sister, same date of birth, same parents, although they are slightly different colors. Nacho is a blonde and Nola is a red head. Which is perfect because Nola is a firecracker.

Nola originally went to live with another family who ultimately didn't have enough time to commit to her. They reached out to me, asking if we could find her a good home where she could thrive and be happy. Side note- one of Nacho's other siblings went to a Sole Sista in my run group so it wasn't an odd request.

Nick and I had discussed in passing getting a friend for Nacho at some point. You know when we weren't living in an apartment, under contract on a house with stress coming out of our eye balls. When I was asked if I could find Nola a home, I already knew where she would belong.

The perfect scenario presented itself to us. She was already trained to some degree, the puppies would make perfect companions for one another, and the only child in me desperately wanted to keep Nacho with his sibling. Sometimes life is already so crazy, what's a little more chaos? We closed on our house on a Friday, Nola came home on Saturday. 

Nola is a play on words New Orleans, LA, as we love the city, and it fits into my NN theme. Bringing Nola home with us so soon ended up being the best decision. She is such a smart, sweet puppy. She was the runt of the litter and weighs about ten pounds less than Nacho. Don't let that sweet little face fool you though, girl friend can hold her own. She makes me so proud- girl power! She is an extremely fast learner and wicked smart! 

Nola bonded with me at lightening speed and has become my shadow. She will follow me around all day just to have my companionship. She gets excited when we call her name, and she gets her feelings hurt when she gets fussed. Where Nacho is independent, Nola wants to be in your lap. Nola is patient and quiet in comparison to Nacho. Nacho will be my running buddy, as he loves to explore, while Nola is already such a home body. While they are different, they're already best buds.They play tug of war, keep away (Nacho's favorite game), and cuddle when they think we aren't looking.

Be still my heart I love these baby dogs more than could possibly be normal. Any advice for the crazies with dogs in twos?  

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  1. Haha We adopted a sibling for our dog about 4 months after getting the first one! Two is no more difficult than 1! And the pups love the companionship :)

  2. OH MY GOSH she is too cute and I love how they cuddle together!! It's totally normal to love your dogs more than anything else...means you have a good heart. No advice since I only have the one and only, but patience is definitely a virtue :) PLEASE keep the pics coming!

  3. I have two and it's better that way! They are companions for em while we are at work! And how could you turn that gorgeous girl away!?! She's precious! Congrats momma!!! They are perfect!!!

  4. OMGosh I love seeing pictures on your IG of both of them.. Soooo precious :)

  5. They are both adorable. I can't handle them cuddling in the last picture it is so precious!

  6. I got a lot of the same remarks. We brought home 2 puppies at the same time. They were 9 weeks old. And I have to say there are positives and negatives. They play so well together, but can get a little too rough with one another (we have a boy and a girl, and the girl is constantly getting a scrap or cut from her brother). They seem to adapt much faster since they have each other. At night they seem pretty comfortable, but they can get each other worked up. So not only does one get to barking, but the other one does as soon as the other one starts. It can be annoying. But like you, I wouldn't trade either one of them. They are family!

  7. Just be sure to spend individual time with them. My brother in law ran into a crazy problem. Both of his dogs had a hard time learning their names because they always played with them together. If you do individual work, that doesn't happen, they both get lots of their own attention, and they both learn and develop like they should! Just like kids!

  8. So happy you are back! I'm looking forward to your rebranding and fur baby pics!!!