Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Harrell Family Beach Vacation 2014

Usually when I'm out on Vacation, I'll make arrangements for guest bloggers, however this year I didn't. I'm sorry. I've got the blogging lazy. True Story. I've been out all week long on vacation with my family. I made a conscience choice to disconnect. I really enjoyed just being with the people that I love, and stepping away from social media for a minute. So forgive me. MMkkk, it's all good in the hood right?!

My maternal family all went on vacation together, and it wasn't something that has ever happened before. Sure, I've been on vacation with an Aunt or Uncle and their family, vacation with my family and my grandparents, visiting cousins, etc, but never all of us together. My G hit a milestone birthday this year, and her request was for all of us to go to the beach. Ask and you shall receive G, you are the Queen B!

Family Photos by Emerald Coast Images

all those gorgeous Harrell girls

My Man

We stayed at the Ledlow Beach House which was perfect for such a large group. The home was divided into three units, we occupied two of the units. We were able to open the door between the two units and enjoy togetherness with two kitchens, two laundry rooms, two living rooms, two dining rooms, eight bedrooms with each bedroom hosting it's own private bath. This was truly an ideal situation with so many people. 

I've been on a few vacations in my day, and this one is up there in the favorites category. I laughed until I cried on numerous occasions. We hit up the bougie boards, we buried a poor someone in the sand, we saw dolphins, we fished, we ate, we drank, and we loved one another. 

At the start of the trip, my husband insisted on taking a detour down Dauphin Island, and the ferry across Mobile Bay. It was quite the experience, and we saw a dolphin before ever hitting the sand!

Mom and I on the Ferry, with a photo bomber ;)

We went deep sea fishing, which definitely counts as an upper body work out

Catch of the Day

Ahoy Maity - My fearless leader!

I did some running! One of the coolest parts about being a runner, is the travel run. I look forward to exploring a new place every time I'm in a new space. Plus, ya'll know I can eat and drink #likeachamp. The running is necessary on vacay. Where there are no calories or carbs. It's a magical place!

We went down to Florabama, only this selfie available to document that experience

My cousin Jamie and I, love her big time!

We were Beach Bums, for days and days. It was glorious. I put make up on one time. Real talk, that was the best!

Nick's bourgie beach set up

We avoided a pesky shark attack- yet again ;)

Timmy (the shark) is quite the traveler. He lives in my beach bag

Day two back in the real world. I gained FOUR yes four pounds on vacation. Some of that is water weight. Some of it is real weight. I've gotten in a few work outs since we've been home, and I'm feeling better each day. Absolutely worth all those good times we had. 

Tomorrow, I'll fill ya'll in on how I'm taking care of that vacation bloat! Hope you're having a safe and joyous summer!

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  1. We were down there at the SAME time!! We stayed near Flora-Bama at Tidewater:) Man that would have been cool to meet up!

  2. We were in Gulf Shores last week! Sounds like you had as amazing of a time as we did! I gained about 4 pounds too, thankfully a little over 3 are already gone!

  3. Your trip looks like so much fun! It is nice to step away from social media and "every day life" every now and then. We all need to refresh!

  4. I'm glad you took some time to unplug :) Looks like a fun vacation - and I love how you call your grandma "G" - it makes her sound real gangster-like! What an awesome birthday full of family memories for her, I'm sure she enjoyed herself being surrounded by so many fun people (if your family is anything like you!) Welcome back to the real world!

  5. Your pictures have me itching to go to the beach! (Only 38 more days - but who is counting?!) I love family trips and they are even more special when it is the direct request of the matriarch. Welcome back!

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