Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beating Vacation Bloat

Ya know when you're on vacation, and you're eating and drinking jussstt about whatever your heart desires? All those sweets you wanted all year? Eat em. That pasta they're serving for dinner, have two plates! Those frozen drinks you never ever let yourself have? Let's go for three, it's vacay! That's what I do. 

Every. Single. Year.

In the moment, the mind set is, I'm on vacation, it doesn't count! Then you get back to real life and the scale says bbbaaahahahahahahahaha I don't care about your vacation!

In all actuality, I didn't do as bad as I have in previous years. I skipped carbs at breakfast and lunch, annndddd then ate everything for dinner. You could call me the cookie monster. Real talk, in previous years, I've come home from vacation eight pounds heavier than the week before a-hem thanks Mexico, so this year only 4 up, feels like a victory. 

That's not to say my dress pants haven't felt T-ight this week. The one bad thing that comes with small pant sizes is a very small amount of wiggle room. When I wore 12 & 14 s, I felt I could gain or lose 10 pounds and stay in the same size. Le sigh. Not true of the single digits. A few pounds in either direction and it's noticeable.

I'm sure most of the gain was bloat, however I'm moving my weigh in day to Saturday mornings, so I won't know until then. Monday, I started following Chris Powell's Turbo carb cycling program. I'm aiming for four miles and weight training everyday. It's time to start prepping my mileage to come back up for run season anyway. I'm also getting my gallon of water a day in to flush out those vacation toxins. 

This morning, I ran my four outside before work. Let's just say I've been spoiling myself a little too much on that treadmill. Pooyi, it was tough, but it got done. Weights tonight! I'm riding high on the motivation wave, gonna keep it in high gear as long as possible! Life has been crazy for me since we went under contract on our house, then moving, vacation, I literally need my routine! 

Get er done

How do you get back on track after vacation?

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  1. I started the new Beachbody program 3 day refresh on Monday to get off the vacay bloat and get back on track. Down 5 pounds today as I begin day 3 which is 4 vacay pounds plus an extra! Ready to see my end result in the morning and retake measurements. I know these results are not something I could expect to lose each week, nor is the eating plan good long term, but I'm feeling great getting back on track and getting that bloat off!

  2. Hooray for routine! I feel so out of whack when I'm not in mine. Do you watch Chris' show? Obviously his plans work, look at all of his participants! And talk about a tear jerker, whew!

  3. Oh my gosh, I feel you on the tight work pants (and skirts..). Just a few pounds gained means being uncomfortable all day. I guess that's motivation, right?! Lots of long weekends of visitors and mini-vacations recently means tight work clothes. I'm trying to get back to a workout routine and logging in MFP. Slowly, but surely, ha!

  4. I did the same thing on vacation, but those stinkin' 4 pounds are still stickin'! Really, it's because my cookie monster, whom I call Food Monster, hasn't gone into hibernation. lol. But, still keeping things healthy for the most part! Elle, I love you blog, you voice, your inspiration. For this and many other things I have nominated you for the "Very Inspiring Blogger Award." Thank you for all you do!

  5. I feel the exact same way after vacation. I always try to keep a mental track of what I eat or use MFP but tend to fall off the wagon by the end of the day on vacation. Running really does help get your but back in gear. I went out on a 4 mile run this morning and whew it was rough! Looking forward to cooler weather.

  6. whoop, whoop! It's so easy to eat so much while on vacation!!

  7. Getting back on track after a vacation is something that I crave a day or two before I even get home. I just want my normal routine no matter how delicious the food and drinks are!