Friday, May 16, 2014

Shutting down the Don't Wants and Memes

TGIF! This week flew by, fast fast for me. I need to vent. And brag on myself. Bare with me. This is a big whiny list of #fitgirlproblems

Life was cra-zay this week and I really struggled with major don't wants. Don't wants occur when you don't want to work out, but you know that you should. I dreaded every single work out this week and I have no idea why. Short on time, sleep, and other life stresses had me trying to make flimsy excuses for myself.  I haven't wanted to drag my tail out of bed in the early morning at all this week. In fact, it only happened once.  The Horror! Which translates to battling the crowd for an evening work out. Le Sigh. Thursday was the worst. I knew I had a long work out (back, biceps, triceps, abs, sprints) and I flat out didn't want to go do it. Ordinarily, I am sunshine, daisies, and spitting glitter Let's go work out! Oh yeahs!!

because it never gets old

I could have layed the smack down on that Positive Patty Thursday afternoon. Bluck, but I promised myself I would commit to this Phase 3 thing like I'd commit to a race. Get moving sista! 6pm I forced myself to head to the gym. No one cares or ever will care more about my fitness more than me, even on days when I don't want to care. I gotta say, I didn't even start to enjoy the work out until Sprint 19, maybe because it was almost over? It has been such a long time since I've felt this way about exercise! I know it will pass, but moral of the story is, the don't wants happen to everyone. I was so HAPPY I'd put this work out in defeating the near deafening don't wants.

sometimes you gotta toot your own horn- beep to da beep!

Meme Friday here we go....

Ya'll know what these memes are going to consist of right? Because Rich people are just like the rest of us. Ain't nobody perfect, no ones family is perfect, and no one is conflict free. If you're having a bad day, just remember, you don't go swangin on your Brother in Law after one too many cocktails (On a Monday! Solange! That's Saturday night behavior girlfriend get it together!), in a schmancy NYC elevator, while you're all literally dressed in a million bucks. 

Because the internet is awesome. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Lolololol Saturday night behavior. YOU'RE SO RIGHT! That made me lolz fa realz.

  2. Ha ha ha ha...I always love your meme's. Look at those guns girl. You are killing it even if you don't wanna...

  3. OMG, thats fantastic! Memes from THE FIGHT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD will never get old!!!

  4. I can't get enough of those memes...hilarious!

  5. Haha!! These made me laugh!! Loved your guest post on Ash's blog!!

  6. Love the Jay-Z memes! I was watching the Tuesday night Brooklyn Nets game (what the Jake/Jay/Bey meme is from) and at one point Lebron came over and spoke to the three of them. I immediately yelled out, "Do you think he's asking Hov what he said to Solange?!"

    I do what I want.

  7. Hey Lovely! Missing your voice! Hope you are doing well. I never told you, but your smothered tilapia was my inspiration for this dish I linked up to your blog, in it : ) I hope you take a look! I was wondering if you had ever thought about having a guest post on your blog! I would love to write or share a fun, inspiring post on your site. Let me know. Take care! I will be checking in! : ) Jessica Joy