Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Live Fit Phase Two vs Phase Three

Gerd mernin! Apologies for my radio silence yesterday, this is one of those weeks where life, work, and being Elle Noel are in a delicate balance. I am swamped and sleep deprived. Always a great combination. When that happens social media always seems to take a back seat. C'est La Vie! I'll reschedule yesterday's post on What Blogging has Taught Me for next week! I'm onto week two of Phase Three, and I must say: I am LOVING Phase Three!! 

One week of Phase Three can be summed up like this: Four Days Lifting (with active rest) and cardio, two days Lifting (Legs) with active rest. 

I feel consistently challenged, and stronger every day. The first few days I felt a bit ridiculous completing active rests between sets: side hops, long jumps, push ups, squat jumps, burpees, side to side hops, mountain climbers, and what seems to be Jamie's Go-to active rest: Jump Rope, but I was able to get over that real fast. Blinders on and go. Don't worry about what anyone else is thinking. Do you.

Phase three thus far includes one type of cardio: Sprints. 30 Minutes of Sprints at 8.0 , 0 incline thank goodness, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Some of the work outs are taking me around an hour and a half to complete (with cardio) while some take about 40-45 minutes (Leg Days). I had a hard time letting go of my running the last few weeks but the results are speaking for themselves. I'm curious to see what my average pace will look like on a 4-5 miler after completing Phase Three. I haven't run outdoors since the Crescent City Classic and true confessions: I'm not really missing it. It's nice not to have any nagging run injuries and to take a little break from pounding all that pavement.

The biggest adjustment for me in following the Live Fit Program has been Lifting then Cardio. In that order. Retraining cardio running brain has been a struggle for me. If you always do the same thing, you always get the same results. The biggest differences between Phase Two and Phase Three has been the addition of "active rest", while lifting consists of  high rep, lower set, less weight plus active rest. And the Sprints. Can't be forgetting the Sprints. Phase Two was lower rep, more sets, heavier weight. Cardio in Phase Two consisted of 30 minutes moderate intensity cardio of choice: step mill, elliptical, running (guess which one I picked).

Real Talk Sprints in the early AM are hard. There's just no sugar coating it, however with Nacho, it's the only space in my day where my work out is fitting. I have to force myself to do the sprints BUT it's paying off. I can see a difference in all of my cloths and even int he way last years swim suit fit this past weekend. Heller improvements!

Did this post seem totally spastic to you? Because it did to me. 

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming....

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  1. Just started the same program! How did you hear about it? I have been running marathons for a while and was craving something different- also since I have plateaued in my weight loss. Interested to hear if you also strictly follow the nutrition plan? I feel like it wouldnt work for me.
    What are your thoughts?