Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Current Gym Must Haves

Thank ya'll so much for all of the Birthday love yesterday! I truly had a phenomenal day. The overwhelming amount of well wishes made me feel so loved and special. We all need a day for that, don't ya think?! 

We celebrated my birthday Saturday night with a fun date and Sunday with family, so the actual day really felt like icing on the proverbial cake! Because I had five macaroons on Sunday....moving on.... I'm working to answer emails today, I'm running behind as per usual, but if you've sent me an email since Friday, you will get a response. I promise.

Life lately is literally revolving around Nacho. Thanks to Nacho, I hit the gym early nearly every day (aside from the weekend). Jamie Eason Phase Three day 2 is complete! Jamie had me lifting back, arms, and abs this morning with active rest. I am LOVING Phase three. Jamie also wanted 30, 30 second sprints, 30 second recovery, this morning. I thought she was trying to kill me but I survived. My previous sprint routines have been at a lower count, higher intensity, so the change up was nice!

Short and sweet today, between 4:00am potty breaks with Nacho, early morning workouts, and rushing to work, my time in is in short supply! Here's a few gym items that I am absolutely loving right now:

Women's UA Perfect Shape Capri Pants. I found these for $29 at the Under Armor Outlet at Tanger Outlet Mall in Gonzales. You can buy the full length version online. If you have an UA Outlet store near you, pay them a visit! UA makes the best bottoms. Tall girls these are for you, as the capris run long. I prefer for my carpi tights to hit mid calf, but due to my long lady legs the usually hit just bellow the knee. I wish I had bought more pairs of these pants, the are so soft, have a pocket in the waist band, and don't ride up when I'm busting out sprints at 6:00am.

Lifting gloves. I used to think these were tres cheesy, but then I started getting clauses under my hands and I can't be having that. Long distance running season claimed my feet, lifting can not have my hands! They also help me to keep a firm grip, especially when I'm hanging (knee ups) and my hands are sweaty. Now if only I could remember to bring them with me to the gym, I'd be golden. I left them in my husband's truck one morning and only remember I need them once I'm at the gym. Disregard that last sentence, it's a selfish mental note for me.

Ashley Leahy, the whole reason I know anything at all about macros and proper muscle building nutrition, recommended Platinum PRE Energy Work Out and Focus to me in leui of Spark! I drank Spark! pre work out/ run daily for nearly a year, however it is carb and calorie heavy (45 calories and 11 carbs per serving). Platinum PRE is gives me an insane amount of energy, see Spark on fire, for only 5 calories and less than 1gram of carbs. I'm addicted. My favorite flavor thus far is Twisted Apple.

What are your current gym must haves?

 Have a rocking day!

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  1. I need some new workout gear so thanks for the suggestions! Happy belated.

  2. I may need to try the Pre... Im not getting anything from Spark anymore :/

  3. Energy and Endurance Pre-workout from Beachbody is a must for me! I didn't know what I was missing out on! And my Brooks tennis shoes have made a huge difference.

  4. Yes to weightlifting gloves- I felt ridiculous buying them but my hands get so calloused without them. My go to workout attire is anything with a built in bra- it leads to easier planning of outfits :)

  5. Oh I love when you give your suggestions. It's so nice to know what works and doesn't!!

  6. Do you just drink that fora preworkout? Do yu drink/take anything after your workouts as well?