Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What's Next? Post Half High

Day two post half marathon number three and I am still feeling grand! Usually after a long race, I feel super sore for a few days, like walking is an issue super sore for a few days. Monday, I didn't feel the need for a rest day, so I took in my usual RIPPED class. This time last year, it would have been unthinkable for me to work out the day after my first half marathon.

It boogles my mind when I think about how far my body has come in a years time. After my first half marathon there was no way possible way I could have been reasonably plotting a post race work out plan. I actually  had to take the day off of work. True story. This tells me a few things about Sunday's race:

  1. I absolutely could have run it faster, but it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun. 
  2. Marathon training did wonders for my endurance and distance perception. 
  3. Lastly, my body has become accustomed to all the long abuse.

 My new long term goal is to cut fat. Losing weight has been nearly impossible whilst long distance training. I know I know, most people think you run 30 miles a week, you should be rail thin. HA. We'll get into this later, but it is not the case. The body become accustomed to continuous steady state prolonged cardio, making it resistant to pull from long term fat stores, therefore hoarding fat. Not to mention, all that running creates an insatiable appetite. Add in needing carbs to fuel long run activity, and you've got yourself at a stand still. No beuno. Long distance running, I love you. I really do, but I need some space. It's me really, it's not you!

My plan going forward is to replace my long run Saturday with heavy leg day. I have two runs scheduled on April 12 & 19 ( a 5k and 10k) in that order so I may switch out my leg day to a Monday on those Saturdays. We shall see. I'm going to continue to run, but no longer than 30-40 minutes at a time, with my goal to run as far and as fast as possible. I'll probably stick to the treadmill for most of that too. Why? All that long distance running outside last summer reaked havoc on my skin.

Running and I have a love hate thing going on right now. The nature of any relationship with it's natural eb and flow. We need a break. I'll blog about all that later. I've given myself three ideas for new posts today alone. Que the blog creativity!

Weekly Work Out Goals:


Arms & Abs Strength
Stair Master

30 Minute Fast Run
Back Strength

30 Minute Fast Run
Chest & Abs

Shoulders and Abs
Walk/Run Incline Work Out

Leg Day


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  1. I am in that boat right now, so to speak. I have not gained back my love for running since the marathon, but continuing to push myself to do it. I have only been logging anywhere from 15-25 miles a week. Only shorter runs with a long run thrown in every few weeks for good measure. I have always enjoyed weights but really have found a great love for it lately!