Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Speed It Up: Treadmill Routines

Good morning!! It's Wednesday folks, we are half way there! Happy Dance! I've talked a lot in the past about beating treadmill boredom, and shared tempo run routines. Every time I've been successful increasing overall run speed, it's been using the treadmill to propel me to the next level. 

Fact: When I first started running, I would run two miles on Sunday because the gym wasn't open. I was running a 12:30 minute mile and feeling like I was going to dieeeeee. I didn't, obviously, but I did start to drop those pesky pounds. 

Eventually, I got brave enough to get on the treadmill and start pushing myself at the gym. Back then, I wanted to run at 6.0 and up for more than 3 minutes at a time. 3 minutes grew to five minutes, 8 minutes, and so on. Small, short, concise, achievable goals have always worked well for me. When I took it back to the pavement, I was running in an upper 10. I felt like I was flying.

Right now, I'm trying to see how far I can run in 30 minutes. My short term goal is 3.5 miles. It always seems impossible until it's done. I'm adjusting my cardio to more adequately burn fat, cutting out the long slow distance, and swapping it in for short, fast, aggressive runs. I'm usually on the treadmill thinking:

First five minutes 
Pfff I'm hardly sweating! 
I'm so badass
Five minutes later
This is getting tough
Why am I doing this? 
I wonder how loud I'm breathing
Nah I'm good
This isn't so bad
No Pain No Gain
I hope I'm not dripping on the machine
That's so gross
You are gross
This is gross
Running is gross
It's almost over, it's almost over. 
You can do anything for 30 minutes. 
Speed training is supposed to hurt. 
You can do it, You Can Do It
One More Minute and You can Start Slowing Down
I can
I can't
I Can
I can't
I Will
Recover Recover Recover
Why Isn't my heart rate coming down?
Ok, I'm going to Make it....I think
Do not look at the time
Come on playlist gimme something good
 Do not look at the time
30 Seconds later
Whoaaaa I am booking It
Fastest girl in town, oh yeahs
Do not look at the time
30 Seconds later
Shit I still have 10 minutes
Push it, push it real good
Last mile- here we go
Cool Down Time- That wasn't so bad

I've been alternating between seeing how long I can hold on at the top of my speed range- I pretty much max out at 8.0 for one minute without needing to rest- and trying to up my recovery pace. I've been using a 10 minute mile, or 6.0, for my all day pace throughout long distance training and I'd like to get that up to 6.5

I have been loosely following Jamie Eason's LiveFit Program phase two for a few weeks now. I know sprints are coming in phase three, I peaked shame on me, so I'm trying to prepare myself to step up the cardio. I do plan to follow phase three religiously.

Additionally, using a sprint and recover treadmill routine to help me increase my all day recovery pace. Sprints are really great fat burners, and will help increase speed at a longer distance. I did this routine yesterday evening. I had to coach myself to finish off the sprints as my legs felt like gelatin come number 13, but it was such a rewarding work out! If you don't need a walking recovery, jump straight into a run! My lil heart rate needed a recovery.

 What are your favorite ways to switch things up on the treadmill?

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  1. Lolololol that made me giggle. "This is gross. I'm gross. Running is gross." You said it sister, straight from the brain to your blog.

  2. I am constantly looking for a way to "switch it up" on the treadmill (and increase speed), so thanks for the workout!

    I do what I want.