Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nacho Updates

Whoaaaa nah, hello new people! Thanks for stopping by! Seems like yesterday's post struck a nerve with a lot of you (Elle Noel's best day EVER), one of those everyone was thinking it, I just said it posts. The post opened up some really great rhetoric concerning not just Transformation Tuesday but other sly ways the internet can be misleading. I thoroughly enjoy that type of conversation, and I'll get back with everyone who commented today.  I'm kinda kicking myself for stalling so long on that topic....

Today, it's a little more vanilla subject matter. Well vanilla to you maybe, but not to me. To me this is one of the top three things going on in my life right now.

Nacho now has a kennel, dog bowls, a collar, and his very first kong. I'm stocking up on puppy pads and toys here and there. I know he'll need a leash and a bed, but I'll probably bring him with me to PetsMart to pick out those things. Gotta show off my pride and joy!

Nacho had his first bath last week. He's not quite loving the water yet, but he is so fresh and so clean!

He's getting ready to come live with us in just two short weeks. We talk about Nacho every day,we're true puppy parent freaks. We could not be more excited.

Enough with these pictures human!

Fun fact: Nacho's sister is going to live with one of my Sole Sistas, so hopefully Nacho and his sister will be run buddies for many years to come! 

In other news, my hip is still agitating me. This is IT Band related and I've had issues with this hip pain before. I know what it needs: rest, stretch, rest. 

I lieu of running Tuesday, I took in a new to me circuit class at the gym. It was basically HIIT with some strength and I had a really great time! I'm hoping to be able to run some this week before the 10k race Saturday. The Crescent City Classic is traditionally a fun run, which is a concept I struggle with. I know, what a freak.

How is your week going? Hope you're staying warm!

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  1. It was great to see you yesterday afternoon at circuit!!! I cannot WAIT for Nacho Noel to be with their puppy parents! So much fun!

  2. I can't wait to see LOTS of puppy pictures of Nacho!! And your post yesterday was perfect.

  3. Only two more weeks - that's so awesome!! Can't wait to start seeing more pics of him! I found a ton of puppy pads at Ross real cheap - my pup seems to think they are a snack so I had to stop using them :(
    FYI - if you go to Starbucks and ask for a Puppachino you get a cup of whipped cream for your dog - you could always swing by there after Petsmart ;)


  4. Such a precious baby! You guys will be awesome puppy parents. Also, I really like that daily motivator!

  5. Oh my gosh he is SOOOO CUTE! And I love the name Nacho, that is precious! :)

  6. Hip/leg/back pain is the worst when all you want to do is work out. Hope that feels better soon. Puppy is adorable!

  7. We shouldnt have to stay warm in stinking April! hahaha

  8. Bah.. "fun run" what does that even mean? Hehe I always have a hard time grasping that concept as well. Once I do, it is always a good time! Nacho is adorable and looking forward to endless updates!

  9. he is too cute! I would love a weekly update on this guy- hes too cute not to share! :)

  10. We have a Boxer and got her when she was just a wee little thang, and one thing that worked really well for us in terms of potty training was this cute little ribbon with a bell(s) on it that we hung from the back door handle, and every time we took her out, we would touch her nose to the bell, praise her for going potty, and give her a treat, we did this for a while, and one day, she just started going to the bell all by herself to let us know she needed out! The only time she ever had an accident in the house was the day after we got her, and we kept her in the bathroom all day, can anyone say poop ERRRR WHERE! Not fun! Anyway, just an idea in case you are still looking for some :) Nacho sure is cute though!

  11. I loved that post but you know that already:). Love puppy pics!!!
    I'm sure you know this already but have you done leg lifts (front, side, and back). I get horrible hip pain but if I'm consisted with these (2-4x a week, 40 reps) then the pain usually stays away. I hope you feel better ASAP