Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blog Plan Deviation: Day One

Don't hate me but...I'm already deviating form the scheduled blog plan. I simply have not had time to write out Abs Are Made in the Kitchen: What Does that Even Mean? truly giving the topic justice. Today is employee appreciation day at the office, and the whole shebang has been planned and orchestrated by yours truly. 

Translation: I have a million trillion little things I need to be doing to prepare. Party planning is stressful ya'll! One extremely early morning workout, and a half of those million trillion tasks completed later, I'm running on caffeine fumes. Life's tough get a helmet! badum-cha (20 bonus points to whomever can name that quote)

Tomorrow is Good Friday, and a holiday for most, so I'm going to save today's scheduled topic for  next week. Today, I'm skipping straight to my favorite weekly Memes. Don't be disappointed. Next week will ROCK, swearsies.

The Royal Tour is giving way to so many awesome memes. 

and she is fabulous.


We've all been there right?! The Target Trap is deep. The struggle is real.

You so Punny

Please let me remember this lesson during my weekend in NOLA

Next Week on the Blog:

Crescent City Classic ReCap & Weekly Work Out Goals

Abs are made in the kitchen :What Does that Even Mean?

Treadmill Speed Training

Low Carb Meal Ideas

Weekly Favorite Memes: Upcoming Blog Posts

Wishing each and everyone of you a safe, fun filled, holiday weekend with all those peeps you love! 

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  1. Boy Meets World- whoo whoo!! One of my fav TGIF shows!

  2. Love the memes! Have a great time this weekend!

  3. You and I could be friends! I put together a full week for my co-workers this week :) I love planning those things hehe

  4. The Target Trap is a real struggle!!!!!!!

    Also, we should all carry the photos of how you feel when you eat healthy vs being bad in our minds haha. It is a great reminder! There is always some battle going on between the good Nadine and bad Nadine on my shoulders and sometimes the bad Nadine wins. The the good Nadine says "told you" when I feel all bloated and defeated a few hours later! She can be such a B!

  5. Great. Now I'll be singing "Let it go" under my breath all day. And I just got rid of it! ;-)

  6. I need some low carb ideas... or maybe how to get Elle Noel's legs ideas....

  7. Boy Meets World! So excited about the sequel Girl Meets World on Disney. Also, I'm feeling that "unhealthy eating" right now, yuck! Looking forward to your abs post.

  8. Ha ha those had me cracking up!!! And total girl crush here on Kate. She is gorgeous!!

  9. My plan is to start cutting some carbs too - unfortunately they are like key to soul existence.