Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 LOPA Caliente 5K

Good Morning!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend with a four day work week to look forward to! This past Saturday, I participated in LOPA's, Louisiana Organ Procurement Association, Caliente 5k in Opelousas, Louisiana. I participated in this race last year, and set my 5k PR of 26:51.

LOPA 2013

The Sole Sista Run Group came in out in full force again this year to support one of our runner's whose husband is on a transplant list.

LOPA 2014
I hadn't been able to run all last week due to tweaking my hip the previous week with some pretty aggressive speed training. My new goal is to see how far I can run in exactly 30 minutes. My short term goal is to run 3.5 in 30. I've made it to 3.4. Anywho, I was just happy to be able to run Saturday morning. My pace plan for a 5k: run as fast as you can for as long as you can, huff, puff, it will be over soon.

Mile One: 8:04
Mile Two: 8:39
Mile Three: 9:14

Safe to say the wheels came off there at the end. I'm still trying to wrap my head around non competitive fun running. Everyday can't be the best ever, I know this. I've got a 10k on the plan next weekend, we shall see how that goes down. I haven't run further than 3.4 miles since the half marathon March 30.

After the race, LOPA had multiple door prizes and medals for the top three finishers overall and per age group. One of our own Sole Sistas was on a mission to place in her age group and came out second. Woop! It was a fun morning!

There were also testimonials from families and individuals whose lives have been directly impacted by LOPA's work. Hearing stories from families who have lost a loved one, but were able to save a life in the process, and stories from people who have received life saving organ donations really put all the small insignificant life stressers into perspective for me. This organization is doing incredible work in our community. Organ donors are designated by a small heart on your driver's license, and signing up to be a donor is very simple. Simply check  "yes" at your DMV. Learn more about Organ donation here.

Weekly Work Out Goals:


30 Minute Fast Run

4-5 Mile Run (Hip injury allowing)

30 Minute Fast Run

Incline Walk/Run

Crescent City Classic 10K


Tomorrow, I'm sticking to my Blog Plan, and letting you all in on Why I don't like Transformation Tuesday. Should be fun, hopefully you stick around through Wednesday ;)

Have a great Monday!!

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  1. Excited to hear your thoughts on transformation Tuesday. It isn't my favorite either.

  2. Bam girl!! You are kicking butt and taking names!
    I don't mind Transformation Tuesdays, but I'm interested in knowing why you're not a fan.

  3. Awesome!!! Im glad you posted this, I just registered!