Monday, April 21, 2014

2014 Crescent City Classic Recap

The Crescent City Classic is a New Orleans Easter Weekend Tradition. The annual 10k race continues to grow in size, and is the only 10k race I've ever completed with an Expo and a finishers medal. Last year, Susannah and I rant his race together for the first time. When she asked me if I wanted to run again, I knew instantly I would love to. Last year I was able to PR on this course and we had a fantastic weekend.

That said, I hadn't prepared for this race at all. I did run four miles last Wednesday, but that had been my longest run since the Zydeco Half Marathon March 30th. I've been battling a nagging hip injury, so my goal was essentially to just have fun. Fun run.

Obligatory Cheesy Blogger Picture at the Expo
Friday afternoon we hit up the expo and carb loaded like we were running a marathon the next day. I'd say I have no regrets but I ate like trash for three days straight so guess what... I feel like trash. I'll never learn! Susannah and I order the following dishes to share, both were amazing a la Louisiana Pizza Kitchen

Shrimp and Andouille Mac & Cheese 

Kitchen Sink Pizza

Saturday morning rolled around, and I've got to be honest. I was not feeling this race. I had the don't wants. I actually didn't get out of bed until 7:00am, the race started at 8:00am across town. Nevertheless, we committed to this so suck it up buttercup!

We rushed out the door and to the start line. I was immediately overwhelmed with how many people there were! I couldn't even see the start line from where we were standing. I'm just shy of six feet tall, so I'm used to seeing what's coming ahead! So. Many. People. We hopped into a corral, snapped a few quick pics and got ready to roll!

It was pretty cool out, and then I was thankful we hadn't been waiting at the start longer. It took 20 minutes after the first corral began for us to cross the start line. Susannah and I planned to stick together for the race, but she kept telling me, If it feels good you should go for the PR! 

Mile One: 10:20

There's so many people and we're both making active attempts to pass people. There's walking going on before the quarter mile marker, and we're both bobbing and weaving between other people. We're passing Jackson Square and Cafe Du Monde at about a mile and half in. 

We're joking about stopping for breakfast and then running the rest of the way. One day, we will do this, fun run right?! As we're about to make the turn onto Esplanade, I'm feeling really great. Let's see what we can do today legs!

Mile Two: 8:55

I can tell I've picked up the pace, but I'm thinking I'm running in a 9:30? All I'm thinking about is getting around people and finding an open space. I'm running in the median on Esplande. I'm criss crossing the boulevard and passing on water, major clusters of people at the water stops.

Mile Three: 9:41

Traffic jam at the mile markers. I do not like big crowds. I just want two feet of space on all sides. Is that so much to ask?! There are all kinds of people out running this race, but my favorites are those out to make a statement.

Mile Four: 9:07

We're about to hit City park. It's almost over and I'm getting serious. I'm thinking about all those carbs I ate the night before and I'm ready to burn off some of those calories. Let's go! Move it Sista!

Mile Five 9:04

I feel incredible. Incredible! I feel like I could run a half marathon this day! To think I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. The race day endorphins are like crack to me. I'm ready to bring this home! I'm actively trying to pass people, but the smaller road space in the park, is leading to a denser amount of runners. The amount of walking going on around me is mind blowing. I'd say the walkers far out number the runners at this point.

Mile Six: 9:12

Heading into the shute I'm picking up the pace big time. I'm ready to totally exhaust myself. Burn calories burn! The girl not two feet in front of me stops dead in the middle of the road to talk to her friend. I plow into the back of her and we almost both fall. She cuts me the stink eye. She's lucky I have runners high.

I crossed the finish line at 6.41 miles for a total of 1:00:18 run. I guess I did a lot of zig zagging.

My husband is waiting for me at the finish line, and he doesn't even realize I've crossed. Why? Because there are so many people! It took me 45 minutes to track down my people. Phew. This was fun, but it wasn't fun, know what I'm sayin? I love this race, the course is incredible, but there were far too many people out on this run. We decide to skip on the race's finish line festival and head to brunch. 

Cafe Navarre and a carafe of Mimosas is a NOLA post race tradition

CCC Finishers = Happy Girls

Would I run this race again? Yes. I would however, make an active attempt to start closer to the start line and jump into a faster corral. Bobbing and weaving between people for an hour was not fun, and trying to run when so many people are walking, is dangerous for everyone involved. All in all, These NOLA run weekends are so much fun. I love getting to visit with our friends, with a little bit of run fun in the middle. New Orleans is simply perfection this time of year!

Post Race fun with the krewe

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  1. A-freaking-men sister! Running races in Chicago means one thing, and one thing only: they are ALL crowded. I think the smallest race I've done here was still 5,000-7,000 runners which means the 2-ft on-all-sides buffer is just a pipe dream. And I'm all for walkers who are doing their thang, but be conscious of your surroundings and the people around and behind you! Sigh-- glad you were still able to get that runners high despite the annoyances!!

  2. My facebook & Instagram feeds were full of friends running/walking the CCC this past weekend. I so wish I would have signed up & done it. Maybe if I start training now, I'll be able to run 6 miles in a year. :)