Thursday, March 27, 2014

More Running beeble babble, Typical Thursday

Lafayette, my home town, is hosting it's first Marathon and Half this coming Sunday. The entire running community is excited for this event. I can always tell when a big race is approaching, runners have been out in packs these past few weekends, Cajun Cup race T-Shirts flutter across intersections, and the camaraderie builds up towards race day. This past weekend, every runner I crossed waved and said Good morning! with a smile. I love this place I call home. I love seeing other's training activity fluttering across my Facebook feed and I can't help but wonder; Would I have noticed all this running stuff before I became I runner? I like to think so, but really I'm not so sure. Interests and priorities in my life have majorly shifted over the past few years. I find myself surrounded with people who are passionate about health, fitness, and all things running. Three years ago, I would have had nothing in common with those people. I thank my lucky stars every day that I am one of them. That I woke up and took charge of my life. Being fit feels freaking fabulous.

That's not to say I'm immune to the don't wants. I had them Wednesday. I had them bad. I've been beating myself up over that crazy heavy leg day I decided to throw in Monday. Not smart less than a week from a big race. Tisk Tisk! I'm still sore *Thursday Morning Still Sore*, and I just knew running was going to suck. I decided to pull out my old 30 minute tempo run from Jazz Half training. This routine used to be incredibly challenging for me, and I hadn't been able to work in speed training during marathon training. I was curious as to how it would feel after so much time. About 8 minutes into the run, I had forgotten my don't wants. Kee yaw it felt grand. I worked up to 7.0 hung around there for three minutes instead of two, started backing down to 6.5. Recovered at 6.5 until I hit 2.5 miles then increased each tenth of a mile until hitting 3 miles. Dropped back to 6.5 and recovered for one minute, then sprinted out the remaining time minute to hit 30 minutes. I had to make myself stop. Save it for race day! I can't help but think, If I can do this when my legs are sore, what can I do on fresh legs? 

9:10 average pace

Thursday morning, legs still sore, brought speed training round two. The pyramid run. I completed this run twice last week, each time it gets easier than the last. I definitely wouldn't call this routine easy though. Not by any stretch but it's getting easier. My heart rate struggles to recover after coming down from 8.0. I was able to recover completely at 6.5 staying there for 9 minutes instead of four then sprinting out the last minute.

8:56 average pace

I've had some great long runs over the last month. It's been a little over two months since the disaster that was my first marathon attempt, and I feel my run confidence has recovered. I've been able to get aggressive with speed training, and I feel amazing. However, I don't know whats going to happen Sunday, race day. Le sigh. I've been so focused on pace goals throughout the last year, that real talk it's sucked the fun out of the run. Sunday I have two goals:

1. Have FUN
2. Finish Strong

Whatever happens between the start and the finish line, well I'm sure it will make great blog material. I love a race recap *insert my favorite overused Instagram emoticon*

Tomorrow it's play list time. I can't help but feel a teensy, a lot a bit excited for this race.

Gym to door in under 45 minutes. I'd like to thank Optimun Nutrition's Platnium Pre Work Out, without which I would never get productivity into gear in the 4am hour, and Coffee post work out for getting me through the work day. Hi my name is Leigh Ann and I run on Caffeine. Slow clap for the win. 

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  1. Yayay! I can't wait for this weekend's race!!! Let's meet up, k?

  2. Fun! I LOVE races! Also, I LOVE your ootd -- super cute look with the scarf!

  3. Good Luck girlie! I look forward to your race recap, and I too function with caffeine

  4. Good luck! I am following along on instagram. It's hard not having a time goal but is completely necessary to have fun and enjoy the race!

  5. So exciting! ... I know I am late, but I am playing catch up!!! You are dominating this COME BACK!!!