Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Injury Update, Post Mardi Gras Plans

Phew lawd day I made it out! Short and sweet post today. I have a million two things to do since I literally checked out for the last four days. Love how that happens. Mardi Gras you were worth it!

Injury Update: I was able to complete my long runt his past Saturday and it felt PHENOMENAL. Really, there is no better feeling. I'm confident I will make the half marathon distance on March 30th for the first annual Zydeco Marathon. I am sad that I can't run the big kahuna this year but mostly I'm happy to know I will continue to long distance run.Injuries really suck, there ain't no sugar coating it, but coming back feels twice as grand as before! I originally planned to run 10 miles this past Saturday, but I had miscalculated the amount of time remaining to be race day ready. I ran 9, and will increase distance one mile per week on the long run, until race day. I wasn't concerned about my pace at all, I just kinda went. I saw a good friend of mine out running on the last mile and we stopped to chat for a few minutes, and I didn't press pause, so this is what my miles looked like Saturday:

Mile One: 9:44
Mile Two: 9:46
Mile 3: 10:01
Mile 4: 10:19 * Water Stop
Mile 5:10:06
Mile 6: 10:02
Mile 7: 9:51
Mile 8: 10: 15
Mile 9:12:37 *Stopped running my legs to run my yap for a few minutes*

Overall it was a great run, my knee never hurt, I never felt exhausted or worn out. I really enjoyed that gorgeous day we had for running!

As predicted, I feel like a busted can of biscuits post Mardi Gras. I ate too much, I drank too much, and it was totally worth the fun times cher. However, I"m getting my rear back in gear today! 

Let's talk about Lent. Don't worry, I'm not going to get into my religious beliefs here. Phew goes the deep collective virtual sigh. I do however try to give something up year. This year, I'm giving up cheating on my diet. I'm giving up my weekend excuses, and giving ME all I've got for the next 40 days. It will be challenge, but who doesn't like one of those?! 

Remaining place for the week:

Wednesday: 5 Mile Run & Strength
Thursday: 3 Fast Miles (Treadmill Speed) & Strength
Friday: Incline Walk/Run or Body Pump
Saturday: 10 Mile Run
Sunday: Leg Day

If you aren't aware, Megan is having baby Aiden today! Be sure to pop over and send some congrats her way!

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  1. YEAH....a happy dance over here for no pain while running. whoot whoot