Thursday, March 6, 2014

I still get Gymtimidated

It's been a whole two months since I transitioned to the new gym. The big gym, the city within a city with all types of people working out there, and I mean all types of people. There's men and woman, young people and old people, fit people and those working on getting into shape for the first time. There's professional athletes, and body builders, people who are new to the gym, and people who have clearly been working on fitness for their entire lives. Sometimes, some of those people gymtimidate me.

Uh huh, it's true. After losing 70 pounds, running two half marathons, participating in group classes for years, training for a marathon, dragging a busted knee three miles during a race, getting my body fat down to 19% (last summer, I will get there again. Different post for a different day), and taking the amount of the daily flex break selfies that would leave me mortified to reclaim my phone had it been stolen, I still get gymtimidated.

I've talked about Gymtimidation before, and over coming those feelings, but real talk I get gymtimidated at the new gym. I remind myself that I've been at this fit thing for years now, and I'm in great shape, but it still gets the best of me sometimes. The biggest adjustment has been exercising around men. I'm just not comfortable there, with them. When I hit up the weight room with my husband, I feel like he's my security blanket. I'm all good because he's there with me. No one can gymtimidate me when we're there together. That said, I don't go into the co-ed areas without him, the co-ed weight room gymtimidates me. Every. single. time. For that matter, anytime I work out with a  friend, I'm good wherever. It's the solo weight room work out that gets to me. Why? I consider myself to be an independent, self sufficient person, but if I'm totally honest, the gymtimidation still gets me sometimes.

When it comes to cardio, I'm in my zone. My space. I can not be gymtimidated in the cardio room. Not on the stair master, the row machine, the bike, the elliptical, and especially not the treadmill. Probably because that's what I'm good at. Running. All this running has done incredible things for my cardiovascular endurance, and for that I am proud. It gives me confidence. We all like doing things we're good at. I feel self conscience in the weight room, because it's newer to me. You also kinda have to learn how to lift weights in front of other people. No one was around on the road during my first ever in my life four mile run, when I was literally pushing my body near my upchuck point. No one saw me struggling then.

I know these are feelings that I can and I will overcome. That with more time, in the new gym, I won't feel intimidated there. Or maybe not? Maybe that's just a fact of life, there's always going to be other people around that are intimidating to us on some level. 

Where is this post coming from?

Someone told me recently, that I am gymtimidating to them. At first I was shocked, then horrified that I had made someone else feel that way, and lastly seriously impressed that I am hiding my own insecurities so well. I for one, am never ever looking down my nose at anyone else in the gym. Ever. I think anyone who is out working on there fitness, no matter their fitness level, is to be admired. I've been in that place where I've felt like I was the least in shape, the most over weight, the jiggliest, the biggest, like all of my deepest insecurities were plastered all over my face. It was not a fun way to feel. 

I've been at a smaller gym where I was one of the most fit members. Now at the big gym, I'm incredibly average. Which is just fine by me, because that's where I'm at. Today right now, and it takes all types.The young, the old, men, women, the professional athletes, the step boxing queen, the new members and the lifetime fit machines. There's always going to be someone gymtimitadating another. Just remember, everyone has to start somewhere, and no one is perfect. 

If you're having one of those days, where you're feeling easily gymtimidated. Maybe because you ate and drank too much over Mardi Gras, and now you feel ten pounds heavier than you did four days earlier. You can always throw on a baseball cap, turn up Beyonce, and don't make eye contact. Just do you.

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  1. Perfect post today - I am gymtimidated which is why I run so much - I always get gymtimidated over the weight machines. But I can't expect results with out weights so I'm heading to a different gym tonight to see if I can get over my stupid feelings.
    Fake it til I make it!!


  2. I completely agree. I still get intimidated in the weight room too. Going to classes really helps me feel better and get to know others in the gym.

  3. Hi, I'm Jessica Joy. LOVE YoUR BLOG! My friend recommended it to me last summer, and I have been enjoying it ever since. Sorry it's taken me so long to comment. eeek! Thanks for sharing your stories, humor and inspiration with us. I love the "sound" of your voice. lol. Keep it up!

  4. The more weights I have been doing the better its gotten for me... at first it was really hard... doing free weights standing in the mirror next to these super crazy buff guys... but I actually had a moment Monday where I felt a bit like a bad ass... I was doing bicep curls with 15lb dumbbells and a guy from my office- who I don't know, but I recognize his face, was doing 17.5lb weights and I felt pretty badass that I was lifting almost what he was! It comes and goes, and there are days like yesterday when I am struggling through a chest workout and feel so out of shape and like I don't belong, but I am glad I had that one badass moment... it helped a lot with my gymtimidation!