Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Challenge Yourself: Pinterest Work Out

Are you on Pinterest? I am. I get some of my best ideas from Pinterest. I'm not a super creative person, but I can copy cat like no other. Winning! I pin random things that interest me from pictures of cute things, to things that make me giggle, fitness motivation, skinny foods, some not skinny foods, and a ton of work out ideas. Sometimes I go to the gym, and I don't want to have to put a work out together myself. I want to turn my brain off and follow some else's plan.

I recently pinned this Pyramid Run, or tempo run, and this morning I decided to give it a go. My goal distance for the day was three miles, and over the last few weeks I've really been focusing on pushing myself for a 3 mile run. 3 Miles is a short distance to me, so I like to try and beat my times and see how long I hang on for 3 miles. 

Original Pin Here

I was pretty intimidated by this pyramid run I'll be real. Staying above 7.0 for 11 minutes consistently seemed pretty aggressive, but I wanted to try. If you don't try you'll never know! Climbing the pyramid felt challenging but not impossible. The time passed incredibly quickly and I liked thinking in terms of, ok only X more minutes and you are done with this section! After running to the top and through the 8.0 section, I had to straddle the treadmill and let my heart rate recover for 1 minute. You know that feeling, when your heart is gargling in your throat and your burning a ton of fat, oh yeahs! After the minute rest, I hoped back on and continued moving down the pyramid. The crazy part was once I got back to 6.5 it felt like a major recovery. I used minutes 29-30 to sprint at 8.5 and recovered with a one minute walk.

Average pace of 9:09 with a one minute recovery walk
I'm excited to report back when I can complete the entire routine without recovery time. It felt great to challenge myself with this routine, I may try the same one again on Thursday!

What are your favorite Pinterest work outs?

What have you done to challenge yourself this week?

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  1. My sister-in-law just created an awesome strength-training workout that I pinned and am super pumped to try. She's a kick-ass fitness junkie -- I think you'd LOVE her workouts (she blogs at Here Comes Happiness).

  2. This plan looks amazing. I hate speed training give me a long slow run over fartlecks any day. This one seems so simple that I could do it though! May try and conquer it tonight for my run.