Friday, March 14, 2014

5 on Friday

Things I'm loving on Friday! Besides the fact that its Friday- Gotta get down on Friday!!

I like this little five on Friday link up, though I never participate but always stalk everyone else's posts ch-ch-ch-changes I think it's funny we all talk about stuff we either want or like to buy on Friday. Prolly cause it's pay day playa!

I'm loving these new run shorts from Atheta. I have three pairs of run bottoms from Athleta. While I find their gear to be on the pricey side, I've never regretted a purchase as their fit is incredible. As far as tops go, I can get away with whatever. I'm not particular about a top, and you will never catch me paying $50 plus bucks for a work out top. No ma'm! Bottoms are a different story. Worth the money. I'm loving these Record time Run shorts in black- my signature fit color (hides the sweat stains better gross but true). As much as I love my hot shorts, I feel like I have to go home and shower right away. In these shorts, I feel like I could pop into the nail salon or dash into Target without feeling indecent.

Record Time Run Shorts

Brunch. I love Brunch. Best meal of the whole dang day. It's late breakfast/ early lunch and almost always involves breakfast booze. Which is the best kind of booze there is. Catch a little buzz, take a little nap, productive in the afternoon. I have brunch date with some of my favorite people on planet Earth Saturday. That's why brunch gets a place on my countdown


High Shine Hair Treatments:  I stopped coloring my hair all together about 8 months ago. Unfortunately, natural hair color has a bit of a dull/flat color. Instead of actually coloring my hair, I now get a high shine gloss treatment every 6-8 weeks. It's ridiculously easy to keep up with and so much more cost effective than hair color. I have a treatment Saturday, and I can't wait. I love how shiny and healthy my hair looks afterwards.


Walden Farms salad dressing as chicken marinade. Easy, delicious, guiltfree. Make your chicken so ju-say


Jamie Eason's free LiveFit program. I've been pulling weight training workouts from Phase 2 for myself all week long and I am LOVING it. More on this one later. Happy Friday party people!

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  1. Oh I wish I could just high shine these locks, but the grays love to come and play. I love Althea but those prices ouch. And I have to say I wasn't a fan of the one running skirt. I loved the length but it was made of some heavy fabric. Not cool for warm days. Lol
    I'm going to have to try that Jamie Easton thang. Have a great weekend girlie

  2. The gloss treatment sounds fab! I've done a few of Jaime Eason work outs before and they are no joke, on Monday im starting JM 30 day shred... Three days a week :) running 3 days too... Trying to fit itall in!

  3. I am on week 2 also!!! Great minds! :)

  4. We are getting an Athleta here in Birmingham soon...danger zone, mainly because it's close to where I like to brunch :)

  5. Zulily is having an Athleta sale right now!

  6. Happy Friday! Saw this gif today and it reminded me of your self-professed popcorn addiction!

  7. I want to be in shorts for outdoor runs! Poor Mother Nature! I love the looks of Athleta clothes and I have ordered bathing suits from there (and love them), but everything is soooo expensive :/