Monday, March 10, 2014

10 Mile Run, Weekend Rewind & Weekly Goals

Woo hoo it's Monday!!! I'm actually super pumped to start this new week! Spring has sprung, and the countdown to summer is on. I have exactly 60 days remaining until I have to wear a swim suit for the first time this year and I want to look FIYA.  I scraped together all of my will power and made it through my first lenten weekend without cheating my diet. No one is more surprised than me. Sunday evening at the grocery those singular cadberry cream eggs were singing to me, I was thinking about my weekend work outs and how I could definitely afford to eat one, but I didn't. Toot toot beep beep. I'm rewarded by not feeling busted can of biscuits Monday morning. Wazzup, feels amazing!

Saturday, I ran a whole 10 miles. My knee never hurt, and I feel like I will do well for my half at the end of this month. Coming back from hurting my knee injury honestly feels like starting all over again. Losing long run endurance happens so quickly, that said I know it will come back and I can be better than ever if I stay persistent. Saturday, ten miles felt like a long way to run, and I was really feeling the two a day work out I decided to bust out on Friday (not smart) BUT it got done. At mile 7 I couldn't stop thinking I can't believe less than two months ago I was trained for a marathon. Good gravy this is hard! I think I can, I think I can!

We had a super low key weekend filled with Spring cleaning, visiting with friends, and relaxing with family! I love a nice slow weekend, makes it feel so much longer than it actually is! Sunday, Madeline and I went to the gym to put in a leg work out. Leg's are definitely my favorite work out day. I enjoy seeing how much stronger I am getting, and challenging myself to increase weight. We completed this leg work out, which has become a favorite for me. Special thanks to Madeline for the creeper picture of me doing leg curls. 

Weekly goals! I'm running to the start of another race this weekend. I've done this once before, during my 15 mile training run for the marathon, and it was so fun. I enjoyed knowing I had  to run X miles in X amount of time or I'd miss the race! Plus, it made those last few miles, ya know the hardest ones, extra fun to be running with other people!

Weekly Goals:


3 Mile Run

5 Mile Run

3 Mile Run

Incline Walk/ Run OR Body Pump TBD

11 Mile Run - 8 mile run to race start line & 5k finish

Leg Day

OOTD is a holla for a dolla find a la The Limited. Skater dress in small, 12 big bucks. That's what's up!

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  1. Wohooo...Great job! And double woohooo for no pain! That's huge girl!!!

  2. Thanks for the motivation-- as always!! ;) So glad your knees weren't hurting you- go girl!!

  3. Way to go girl! It is crunch time to get bikini ready for sure! Congrats on your great feeling 10 miler!

  4. congrats on 10 miles pain free... I am still in pain, and as much as I am dreading it, I think I need to go see my doc again because the PT isn't fixing my issue.

    secondly, you look AMAZING in that dress... like it was made for you!!!!! and getting it for a steal makes it even better!!! :)