Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend rewind, Leg Work Out, & Weekly Goals

Hai. I'm still here. Inconsistently blogging, but I wanted to check in! If there's one post during the week I don't want to miss, it's my weekly work out goals. Putting a plan out there on the interwebs always insures I will hold myself accountable! Last week was one of my best weeks, in as long a time as I can remember. I've been able to string together a few really great weeks and I'm feeling like I could steam roll this success into my ultimate goal of 18% body fat. Mostly I just want to feel great and right now I do! Over the last several weeks, I've incorporated two hour long HIIT sessions, RIPPED class, one day of sprints, and lots of strength training. I've brought down my cardiovascular activity, increased strength training and I'm losing weight. I will say not being able to run long distances has greatly affected my appetite. I never feel rungry or hangry these days which has worked wonders in the will power department.

I've felt out of sorts being unable to run. Almost like I've lost my focus here in this space, BUT I figure this is a great time to get back to basics. Saturday Mr.Noel and I put in a fun leg day together that looked like this:

Warm Up:
Two Sets of 12 Light Weight Squats
Two Sets of 12 Light Weight Dead Lifts

4 Sets of 6 Max Weight Squats
4 Sets of 12 Dumbbell Lunges (Each Leg)
3 Sets of 15: Leg Press
3 Sets of 12: Lying Leg Curls
3 Sets of 15: Leg Extensions
4 Sets of 12 Weighted Calf Raises 
Feet Straight forward
Feet in "second"
Toes pointed towards one another
15 Minute treadmill run

Saturday evening I went out to dinner with friends to celebrate my Mom's birthday! She picked Mexican, I had chips and salsa, grilled tuna, stuffed black bean avocado, potatoes, and wine. Whoops. It was worth it, I have no regrets! I'm loving this dress from Victoria's Secret. I've actually worn it a few times now and it's incredibly versatile. I'm getting big ole F in blogger outfit documentation.

Mom's Birthday Dinner

Awkward random picture my husband took of me
Nick's Company Christmas Party. His boss' wife told me I looked like a "beautiful athletic Snowflake". She's my favorite! Side Note- I am legit WGW in this picture. Cheers!
I'm kicking myself for not ordering this dress in another color, because I love it. Naturally, it's the one dress that they stopped carrying. Maybe they'll bring it back. Anywho back to why you're here....

Weekly Work Out Goals:

Monday: RIPPED
Tuesday: Sprints & Leg Strength
Wednesday: HIIT
Thursday: 3 Mile Run (knee permitting) & Strength
Friday: Body Pump
Saturday: Run / Strength Train
Sunday: Rest

Sunday I did mange to get in a run. I was feeling sloppy Sally after my indulgent Saturday. I just wanted to get out and RUN. I didn't expect to be quick or to go far. I was pretty sure I'd be slow and it would suck, ya know cause of wino Saturday, and a heavy leg day. This run defied logic. I didn't know how far I wanted to go, so I didn't manage my pace whatsoever. I just went. The funny thing is that I never felt out of breathe or like I was really pushing myself hard. I really think I owe that to: number one all this rest and number two weekly HIIT and sprint sessions.

Mile One: 9:26
Mile 2: 9:20
Mile 3: 9:17
Mile 4: 9:28

My knee started hurting towards the end, so I made it to mile four and walked back to my car. It felt so great to be out pounding the streets again! It's not looking promising for me come the marathon in March, ya know the one I'm already registered for. Hopefully, I can run the half strong, and PR. Time will tell!

What are your goals for this week? What do you want to accomplish?

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  1. Happpppy Monday! This was an inspiring post for me to read to start this fresh new week, as I nosh on the first of many salads :) It's been no secret that I've been majorly slacking, so I really needed to hear about how you are feeling better since having a couple of good weeks in a row! You totally do look like a beautiful athletic snowflake in that dress, and can I just say DAMMMMMN GIRL to those legs!

    My plans this week include boot camp x2 (I completed my first week last week, and it kicked my ass, in a good way!) running outside in our 40-degree heat wave to train for our annual St. Patty's 4-miler, and all my healthy eats are prepped and written down. I'm ready to get back in the game...for real this time! I'm hoppin off the birthday-week binge-wagon!! Have a great one :)

  2. You are a rockstarrrr! I'm so glad you put your goals and workouts and motivation out here on the blog, because it definitely keeps me motivated!! I ran FIVE MILES for the first time in yearssss this weekend and I'm still riding that high! :) I'm trying to up my mileage 1 mile a week to get ready for the 1/2!

  3. Girl you look hot!!! You're a huge motavation and inspiration. Great job keeping going

  4. You look amazing in that dress - like it was made for you!

  5. I love that dress!!! You look gorgeous, even if you were WGW! hahaha