Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday Catch Up: Meals & Work Out Goals

Good morning and Happy Hump day! I'm sorry I've been MIA the last few days, nothing dramatic going on over here just busy busy busy. Last week was thrown totally OFF by nasty winter weather, and ended up taking a total of three rest days. The last time I did that I was on vacation. I had wanted to attempt a long run this past Saturday but alas my knee won out. I will say all of the resting has paid off as I am KILLING it this week. I haven't felt this strong since pre-jazz half training. Maybe it's the cleanse, or those numbers coming down (always something to smile about) but I feel fantastic!

Meals have been as follows:
Breakfast= Oats & PB2/ Fruit, Egg Whites, Spinach
Morning Snack= Fruit (Apple or Strawberries)
Lunch= Ground Turkey, Veggies, Sweet Potato/ Brown Rice
Afternoon Snack= Spark! Almonds or a Quest Bar
Dinner= Tilapia/Chicken/ Turkey veggies
Evening Snack= Popcorn....ya'll know I have a popcorn addiction!

Tuesday evening I through in a protein shake post leg work out mixed with unsweetened almond milk and spinach. Delicious! I've been keeping the calorie counts very low and still have energy for aggressive work outs. Cleanse for the Win!

It's been nearly three weeks since the Louisiana Marathon knee disaster and I think I'm ready to try a long run outside. I ran uphill sprints on the treadmill Tuesday and felt A-MAZ-ING. During my first two post knee injury treadmill runs, my knee start hurting pretty early on, so I'm taking this as a great sign.

Weekly Work Out Plan (Better late than never right?!)

Monday: RIPPED
Tuesday: Treadmill Work Out (Warm Up/Sprints/Cool Down) followed by heavy leg strength
Wednesday: RIPPED
Thursday: 5 Mile Run (knee permitting) and Bicep/Tricep Strength
Friday: Body Pump
Saturday: Long Run (Knee Permitting) Goal is 10-12 pain free
Sunday: Leg Day 

I know, no rest day. I'll survive! I can not wait to weigh in Friday morning. I feel confident another two pound loss is on the horizon! 

How is your week going?
What's you get ready for summer plan?

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  1. I did body pump this morning and I'm FEELING IT!! Ripped is on my schedule for Friday morning and I can't wait. :) I'm so glad someone else out there is a Ripped junkie like me!

  2. way to go on keeping tabs on your workouts and eats! slow and steady wins the race!