Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I miss running

I feel like I'm continuously playing catch up these days. Life has been WILD, CRAZY, BUSY. It will probably come as no surprise that I am a list person. I make a check list each day of tasks I want to complete. I started this in college with my daily planner obsession. My planner was nearly always packed with colorful sticky notes and reminders, as the semesters progressed the thicker and brighter my planner grew. That's the way my adult desk looks today right now. To -do's lined up in front of my key board next to my hot mug of no coffee no talkie.  Tasks at work and tasks at home. I often poke fun at myself for my adult ADD, and my tasked to do list is my way of keeping that in check.  Lately, I find the to do column grows longer than the checked off list but hey, it will all work out. While I'm playing catch up, unfortunately my blog has taken a back seat. I'm sorry! Can you guess what one thing I'm missing ferociously as life has amped up in pace?

Running. Running is my me time. Running is the time of day when it's just me and the road. I use that time to clear my head. Sometimes I talk to myself. Sometimes I sort out issues that are troubling me. Sometimes I smile like a lonely fool thinking about something that went my way. Sometimes I plan out important things to come. Sometimes I plot where I want to be in five years, and what our family will look like then. Sometimes I count squirrels or pot holes, or white cars, or pick up trucks. Sometimes I even sing along with whatever music is blaring in my ears, but mostly it's time for me to reflect on the day that's past or the one to come. The biggest positive in this knee injury, is reminding myself why I love running so much in the first place. I had forgotten. I had become overly focused on pace and distance goal setting, I'd forgotten why I'd fallen in love with running in the first place. I miss it, and I want it back. I'm onto week 3 on the injury bench. 

Saturday, I was hopeful for a long run. I wanted to run ten miles. I felt great that morning. Well rested, and prepared for a long run. I had run four miles with minimal pain towards the end of the run last Thursday. I felt confident I could at least make it to five miles.  I wanted to get to that depleted feeling. You know, that feeling a the end of a long hard run. When your legs feel like rubber, you're covered in sweat, and the pride of accomplishment wells in your chest, I can do anything. Bring it on!

Le sigh. I made it just shy of two miles before the pain set in, but let me tell you, for those two miles, I felt ALIVE. I felt like flying. I had to run walk the third mile back to my car, but I didn't need to call for back up. I got back to my car on my own two feet. 

Mile One : 9:31
Mile Two: 9:29
Mile Three: 10:15 (run/ walk/ count squirrels)

This was my first outdoor run since the Marathon. I didn't have to call for a ride, or hitch hike and I felt great pre-pain. For this we will call success. I'll just have to try again next week!

Weekly Work Out Goals:

Monday: RIPPED (Awesome as always)
Tuesday: Sprints & Leg Strength
Wednesday: RIPPED
Thursday: 4 Mile Run & Strength
Friday: Body Pump
Saturday: Long Run Attempt (Goal is 10-12 pain free)
Sunday: Rest/ Lagniappe Work Out (Whatever floats my boat that day)

What are your weekly goals?

Gotta run, my check list is calling! 

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  1. LOL...I love the walk and counted squirrels. I'm proud of you for stopping when there was pain. I think "us" runners if I may lump myself in that group often push ourselves to much. It will come sweet girl. Just be patient. Great job though.
    And good luck with that to-do list this week.

  2. Ahhh isn't running a joy? I miss being able to run outside....we have a 30 degree forecast on Saturday and you can bet I'll be out there poundin some pavement! So what if I can only go 2 miles :) Sorry to hear you didn't get the distance you wanted, but good for you for listening to your body!

  3. Good for you for listening to your body - this injury has made me realize how much I miss running as well. As a warmup at the gym today I walked for 10 minutes - I wanted to run so bad I could taste it... but my knee is still down for the count.

    You will get this marathon! I know it!

  4. Taking it slow is so HARD! :) You'll get there, just give yourself the time. I keep telling myself this as I'm trying to build my endurance again after a serious case of laziness in December and early January!! But running is so worth it!

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