Friday, February 7, 2014

Cleanse Results, Pain Free Run, Wanna be fashionista problems

Drum roll please....Bad blogger award this week goes to.....ME!! 

Thank you thank you! I'd like to thank Work, the crazy the things we have to do for money, house hunting, my work out routine, and housework that never let's up for my INSANE schedule and inconsistent blogging, without all of these things, this award would not be possible!

Cleanse Results! I lost five pounds in ten days. What's up holler!  I feel fan freaking tastic. Best I've felt in months! I'm going to continue doing what I've been doing. I have a battle going with myself to see if I can hit an all time low by cutting body fat. I'm not as concerned with the scale although it will always have some power over me, real talk.

This week's work outs have been fabulous! I have been FORCED to explore other forms of exercise thanks to my running injury, I have enjoyed getting in two HIIT classes a week and adding a heavy leg day back into rotation. However, running will always be my true love. My goal Thursday was to run five miles pain free. I overslept that morning, had a hair appointment after work, it was cold, I wanted to go home, but there I was at 7pm running the human hamster wheel. My first run post injury I made it a mile and my knee started hurting at .75. My second run, I made it two miles and my knee started hurting at 1.25. This run I made it to 3.75 miles before my knee started agitating me. I decided to run an even 40 minutes and call time on the run. It pained me not to run another mile BUT I really miss running the pavement Saturday mornings. That's what I really want to do this weekend. Running four fabulous miles. Ahhhhh! I know with enough persistence and patience, I will continue to run long distances AND reach my ultimate goal of the marathon. One run at a time :)

In wanna be fashionista news, here she goes again, I got this blouse for Christmas, and this was my first attempt at styling it. I may need a high waisted pencil skirt. Yes. This is a real problem in my life.What do ya'll think?

I hope you each have an over the fence, out of the park, awesome weekend!

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  1. Looking Awesome Hot Lady :) Great job on the cleanse, I have yet to do one of those - they cost money, yo! Im finally feeling on track for the first time in a long time - I actually told my hubby last night that I feel confident in my weight loss goals for the first time since maybe November? Woot woot!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. I love everything about this outfit! Red pants for the win!! And of course, new blouse for the win too! :)

    ~Devon @

  3. Great job girl!!! Pain-free runs rock. Ha!! Life as a runner I think we're always nursing some type of pain. ick.
    I'm a non-stylist girl. I think I'm a comfy girl and just like comfort. You my dear look fabulous as you always do.

  4. Looking great girl! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  5. Hey girl hey, loving the Clueless reference!! Glad to hear you are upping your mileage :) Are you having any luck with the house hunting? Deep will all come together!