Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yoga Class & Thursday Give Away

The knee. Aye the knee. I'm already over being injured. I need something to do! Ya'll know I have to have a plan. It's already killing my to be immobile and unable to exercise. My doctor recommenced yoga and or Pilates as a way to stay trim and build strength in my loose joints. I tried a yoga class with a friend when I was 19, and I was NOT mature enough for it at the time. The class ended with some chanting, and avoiding awkward eye contact on my part. Let's say keeping the giggling under control was difficult.

That said, I'd like to think I've evolved some since then. *Fingers crossed* A co-worker asked me to join her for a yoga class at noon today, I jumped all over it. I'm going to do what I can and stop when I can't. I'm going to TRY to take it easy. Plan B is to hit up the pool. Anna over at Running on Plenty, has inspired me to try a Tri, (she makes everything look oh so fabulous. Check her out!) so this seems like a good time to start working out in the pool! I've always been a strong swimmer, but in recent years my aquatic aerobics has been limited to treading water while keeping my umbrella drink dry. I'll need to put in some work there.  I need a one piece swim suit before I hit up the pool. Something tells me swimming laps in a bikini in the middle of January would be frowned upon. Just a guess...

In other news....Any more takers on the 10 Day Advocare Cleanse?! I'm starting mine Monday, and Marcy is joining me! I'm so happy to have a partner in crime for this cleanse! Join us! Summer is coming.....

Tomorrow, I am participating in a link up and give away with Ashley from Ash's Right Direction in celebration of her Birthday! Prizes up for grabs are a $100 Cash Give Away (HOLLER!), 2 $25 Walmart Gift Cards, AND a $15 Gift Card to Star Bucks. Be Sure to Check back tomorrow and enter into that prize!

Sorry so short and sweet today- busy busy bee! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I cannot wait to do this cleanse, and to do it with you is just icing on the cake sistah! Love ya!

  2. Good luck with yoga! Just curious if your doctor said anything about wearing wraps or braces on your knees?

  3. Good luck in Yoga...may you find your zen. LOL...No way on the cleanse. Everyone says how amazing it is and they lose weight and then they gain it back. Call me skeptical. Sorry. Good luck though. hee hee.
    I'm so glad to hear the good news about your knee. I can't miss my daily ElleNoel inspirations.

  4. I'm starting the cleanse Monday too! I'm a little nervous!!

  5. I highly recommend HOT yoga! I burn as many calories in that as I do RIPPED and sweat three times as more. I'm not kidding when I say I leave there and my workout clothes are still soaking wet the next morning.

  6. Thx! Also check out this great yoga routine

  7. Aqua therapy is AWESOME! Not only is it great on your joints you work so many muscles in the water.
    And hey, after a good swim session who says you can't reward yourself with a fruity umbrella drink? :)

  8. How was the yoga session? Were you able to enjoy it? Yoga is supposed to be non-competitive, so you should not set any standards on how fast you are able to achieve the poses. Do it on your own pace. Mastering the art of focusing is gradual and requires patience.

    Jonathon Kelly