Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Treadmill Work Out

Holler for Friday peeps. It's not Monday number six so I am HAPPY! I feel like I could run 12 miles tomorrow! Great! Because that's what you have to do! I was a little apprehensive over how long it would take to recover from that 20 mile run. Long runs, especially novel distances, usually leave me with a week recovery time before I feel normal again. Wednesday was a rest day and thank goodness because walking was a bit of an issue. I got in lots of stretching and foam roller QT and it seems to be paying off.

Thursday Evening Work Out : 45 Minutes Elliptical Trainer, the elliptical is my go-to cross trainer for long run recovery. I rounded out the work out with bicep & tricep strength. The elliptical was very kind to my long run legs, hencefirst choice for cross training post long run. The first work out of the new year!  I personally love the feeling at the gym in the New Year. Lots of people are out starting fresh and putting themselves first. The feeling is so infectious to me and I love it! 

Friday morning, I had planned to attend a class, however I press snoozed for approximately 20 minutes and couldn't make it to the class on time. Lucky for me, Mr. Noel wanted to get in a work out too, so we headed to the gym together! This is so new to me and I absolutely love having him as my gym buddy. He wanted to run the treadmill a bit, and I wanted to hang out with him, insert cheesy eye roll, so I threw together a quick incline walk/ run work out instead of more cross training. I was apprehensive about running again so soon after the 20 miler, but I felt pretty fantastic. Energizer bunny fantastic. If I hadn't snoozed so many times, I would have made this routine closer to an hour. 

I rounded out my morning with shoulder and ab strength training. I'd say this year is off to a fantastic start! I know I said I'd resume weekly weigh in posts this week, but I forgot to weigh in this morning. I'm taking that as a sign that I should give myself until next week to work off this holiday bloat! 

Right. Listen to the universe sista. Man, she is crazy.

Okee dokes enough of that, guess who's late again?! Have a great day playa hatas!

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  1. I love how you guys went TOGETHER! So presh. It's easy to keep a routine when both in the household are holding each other accountable! (Me and The Sissy are trying to do this now - she got a Red's membership for Christmas and told me the other day, "Maybe we will see Elle Noel at Pump!!!" in the most excited voice ever.)