Monday, January 6, 2014

Marathon Countdown: 2 Weeks Out

Good morning! Guess what I want to talk about today? Running and marathon training! That's pretty much all that's going to be going here the next few weeks. Just deal.

I am really going to do this. I'm anxious, excited, scared, confident, unsure, stressed, relaxed, nervous, freaking hot mess ball of energy going into this race. That's a whole lot of human emotions ya'll. 

Saturday, I had a 12 mile run on the schedule that was not meant to be. I needed more 20 mile run recovery time, my knees were hurting big time. I probably could have pushed myself there, but I am so scared of permanent injury sidelining this race I called time a 5k in. I headed to the gym post run and put in 20 minutes on the stair master and strength training. As long as I am healthy on race day, I know I will be fine. I'm going to proceed with the rmeainder of training as planned, and not stress about this weekend run that wasn't.

Saturday was an all around fabulous day! Mr. Noel spent lots of QT together, and that evening we headed to our good friends' house for a Saints playoff party! The Who Dat Nation went to bed happy, winning is fun!  It's my favorite. I'm 0 for 2 on this New Years resolutions, I'm supposed to be taking more pictures, this is all I got:

My Mom made me that scarf, so I had to send her a pic!
I also resolved to drink more champagne this year, and I am well on my way ! I'm an over achiever like that! Now I really promise not to drink again until after the marathon. I will not. But it's the playoffs!

How was your weekend? 
Did your team win?

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  1. I had a lot of knee and leg soreness when I trained for my first marathon. It ended up being my it band pulling on my kneecap and making it tighter. All I can recommend is stretch stretch and foam roll!! I am amazed about your mental dedication. You have got this!

  2. I love that quote at the end! Good luck girl--I second the foam roll... you can also use a tennis ball--or dog toy, that is what my cheap self uses--to give your muscles a good stretch. I have yet to run a full marathon but your dedication is inspiring!

  3. Ugh, my whole post today was about how my team DID NOT WIN. Painful!! But I'm excited for your marathon girl- you will rock it, I just know it!!! :) I need to really kick my half-training into high gear now that football season is over!

  4. You are running a marathon in two weeks. TWO WEEKS. When I first started reading your blog, you didn't even run. And now you are about to become a marathoner. I am soo, soo, SO PROUD of you!

  5. Actually your team beat mine :( It was a sad night in Philly but we had a great season!

  6. WOO HOO!!!!! I can't wait to read all about the marathon experience. And congrats on your saints - I know some very happy Louisianians!

  7. I have been experiencing some pretty painful hip and heel pain after my runs so I really appreciate the stretching info. I did the resistance stretches last night after my run and it felt SO much better...I don't think any amount of stretching is going to help my heel, I'm going to have to deal with the fact that I think it's a heel spur, even though ignoring it is SO much easier lol