Tuesday, December 3, 2013

True Confessions

Let's talk about all the ways I have been slacking! 

My House is a war zone. I have paid zero attention to my housekeeping as of late. Zero. I've been sucked back into the deep dark hole that is the trashy romance novel trilogy and that's how I've been occupying my free time. The same load of cloths has been in the washing machine for over a week and I just keep washing it. My husband just pretends not to notice. If you came over to my house right now, I'd keep you on the patio and make awkward polite conversation.

I haven't purchased one single Christmas gift. Not one. I did buy a new cocktail dress for Christmas parties this year though....so there's that.

See how that ties into my messy house? She's so clever!

Last night, we watched our Saints lose horribly....at the bar on a Monday.  I had vanilla vodka for dinner. Seriously. Don't you dare judge me!

Sunday, my goal was singularly to decorate my house for Christmas. I put a wreath on the door and called it quits. Insert trashy romance novel that demanded my attention.... I don't even want to tell you what I'm reading.... it's that embarrassing. 

I get bad blogger of the year award for my general lack of photography as of late. I have a million and two excuses for this too but you don't care. You're probably missing making fun of my ridiculous selfies. Took one today playa so boooya!

You want to know where I'm not slacking? In training for this marathon. Gotta run! Literally

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  1. I love this post! Mainly I love that I'm not the only one :) Trashy romance novels have been my undoing for the last few months... especially when there's a trilogy! Eeek!

    Good luck with your training this week! Because of you, I took my booty to the gym last night and started C25k for the 100th time - I WILL do this! :)

  2. Vodka classifies as it's own separate food group, so no judgement here :P

  3. Ummm. I'm pretty sure I was in the same boat for my marathon, minus the said trashy novel that now you have to tell me what you're reading. LOL That training takes priority.. And you're almost there:)

  4. Ok so now I want to know what you are reading lol and seriously I have been known to sit down and read a whole book without stopping and completely ignore everything. Nothing wrong with that!

    Vodka for dinner sounds delicious!!

  5. I'm so glad that I'm not alone! I've been letting my house seriously slack while marathon training. I have kept up on laundry (mine always stays in the dryer because I dread folding it), but I haven't put up any Christmas stuff, dusted, mopped, etc. My house is a shit pit.

    Great job on your runs! You're going to kill this marathon!


  6. Everything in my life suffers when I'm sucked into a good book...it happens! Not judging any of your true confessions...I'm all about "judgement free zones"

  7. I love this post. I'm not even attempting to decorate for Christmas. My excuse is always that we spend Christmas week with my parents anyway and their house is always decorated! The same load of laundry spinning in the washing machine cracks me up. I've been guilty of this the past week. Vanilla vodka and diet Dr. Pepper is Monday night dinner of champions. You are in a judgement free zone. And I, too, need to know the trashy romance trilogy. I need some easy reading in my life (to give me another excuse to ignore the laundry). Love your blue shirt! Have a great Tuesday!

  8. I could really use a new trashy romance novel. Please share :)

  9. Dude, my life is incredibly slacktastic - at least youre still running - although I am taking baby girl with me this afternoon :) And please share what trashy romance novel youre reading - I have 3 weeks off from school coming up and I need some good trashy material to get me through this move :) What do you mix with your vanilla vodka? - I have to get this last poundage off and need to say sayanara to the delicious miller lite :(

  10. That jackets adorable...you'll have to spill on the reading though as you have our curiosity now!

  11. I think we go through cycles in our life all the time. Personally, I go in Martha Stewart phases straight into Roseanne moments with no middle ground. Just go with it :)