Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Injury Update: Internal Monologue

It's Christmas Eve, and I am not prepared. I still have lots to do, including shopping, and I have to work a half day. I'm sure worse things have happened to people so I'll halt the complain train there. Womp Womp or Woop Woop? I'm undecided (WOOP WOOP!)

Day two into a crazy Holiday week and I've already made an adjustment to my work out schedule. Monday I subbed out the 5k run for my regular RIPPED class. I felt like I really needed the strength and HIIT training when it appears I'll be mostly pounding the pavement this week left leg permitting. Injuries are incredibly frustrating buggers. My head says I'm a hoss! I can do anything! ANYTHING! Marathon? Pfff I got that

You laughed, don't lie!

My leg says, Slow ya roll sista. Let's go home and snuggle on the couch. Wouldn't you rather be reading a book and drinking red wine? Come on cher let's go home. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) I never listen to what my leg says. I'm hard headed to a fault. It's probably my best and my worst quality rolled into one. Maybe if I had rested more when the injury originally set in I wouldn't be in this predicament now, but alas, shoulda woulda coulda, I will never know.

Today will be my first weekday run back at full training mileage, true confessions, I'm nervous gervous. Taking the mileage down was absolutely unavoidable. When I can not run, I will substitute with time comparable cross training and I always push myself there. I really think I've been "training" for a race for entirely too long at this point, and it eventually caught up with me. I began training for my October half marathon the week after the fourth of July which means I've been solidly training for a race for 25 weeks. I keep reminding myself there's only four weeks to race day and I can do anything for four weeks. I can do this. I will do this.

There's some big changes coming in the next few weeks which I'm excited to tell ya'll about. Change is sometimes scary but always a good thing right?! Nothing monumental, don't want to get the rumor mill a turning, but it feels monumental to me. Anywho, I'll wrap this up here. This whole post has basically felt like a crazy conversation with myself, and let's be real, that's always fun. What's up holla! 

Wishing each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. It's funny that you're saying this now, because I feel like everyone feels this way. Your long training runs are over, and you just want to get this thing done. I know how you feel! After your 20 miler, keep in mind that you've put the hard work in and trust your training. :) Think of it as some leg rest time, and try not to dread your medium to short runs. haha

  2. I'm right there with ya! Been training for races, culminating with the marathon, for over 6 months. I'm tired, and I hurt. I'm just praying I get through the next 4 weeks (actually less, yikes!). Good luck lady! Have a merry Christmas. Hopefully the new year brings fresh legs!