Friday, December 27, 2013

Caution: Change Ahead

I'm really flunking at this whole blogging thang huh?! One of my 2014 resolutions is to blog more consistently and to take more pictures. More on that in another post.

Christmas was relaxed and low key for my family this year. I enjoyed too much food and certainly way too many sweets. I skipped my run Christmas Day in favor of red wine and couch time, and I don't regret a single second of it. Generally, over the last few weeks my diet has been less than stellar and I've been drinking more than my allotted once per week post long run Saturday. Oddly enough, I've manged to wiggle out of a few more pounds, thanks to all that running and I'm back at a near all time low, or at least I was on Christmas Eve morning. I'll weigh in again next Friday and resume the routine. My skinny jeans feel tight tight today.

The Christmas gift I was most surprised and excited to receive was gift from my mister! Over the last few months specifically, we'd been frequently talking about joining a gym together. Since 2009, I have been a member of a small women's gym, and that gym really came to feel like family, especially over the more recent years when I became heavily involved daily with fitness. Exercise became social time, which made working out so much more fun! As much as I love the girls at the gym, I had been hoping my passion for fitness would become an activity my husband and I could share.

Christmas morning I was shocked and surprised to open my "big gift" and find inside all the important information for our new gym membership at the club I had been longing to join, plus matching shirts *disclaimer- we won't go all Sadie Hawkins dance to the gym, at least not on purpose

Calling the new "gym" a "gym" feels like a big understatement. It's more like a city within a city. You name it, they got it at this place. For many, I'm sure a gym membership just feels like a gym membership.  The gym has become such an integrated part of my daily life, switching gym homes is a big, mega, huge, colossal, monumental decision for me. My biggest concern in leaving my all women's gym family, was leaving behind many of the key people who have helped me get where I am now. I have felt at home in my gym for many years. I have friends there, my run routes are planned around the gym, I'm familiar with the facility and feel comfortable there. 

I have a few concerns about our new gym home. Mainly, I'm concerned that no one will ever know my name. No one would notice if I have been missing for a week and it will be hard  to make friends in this big new place. Thursday afternoon, I headed to my gym home for what will be the first of many work outs, to log my five mile run and a work out. 

Right when I walked in, a saw a familiar face and we got to talking. Another new member, whom I've known for a long time was getting the tour, and the tour guide introduced herself to me as well. I already felt at ease. Not so strange after all! I headed to the outdoor track to log my five mile run. Running the outdoor track was a nice change of pace. As often as I have been running outside in the dark, my long Saturday run is usually my only run in the daylight, I have never quite feel at ease on the streets at night or in the early morning. I've been running alone frequently and at longer distances.Sometimes that shiz is scary! Just last week, someone's dog tried to heard me. Literally. One minute your jamming to Britney, the next your kibbles n bits. Running problems

Roughly 24 laps equaled 5 miles. The track felt phenomenal on my legs and injuries as well. Obviously, I won't be able to stick to training on the track singularly, but it's such a nice option to have! Just as I was hitting the three mile run in circles boredom wall, Mr. Noel met me after work, and we finished the run together. I can't begin to say how excited and happy it makes me be able to share this with him. We also have quite a few friends who are members here, so neither of us will have to be work out buddy-less. I really feel a work out buddy is essential to success. An accountability partner goes a long way in daily motivation. Especially on those days when you just aren't feeling like getting to the gym. 

On our way out, we were discussing our individual goals and what a weekly work out plan will look like for us as a couple and individually, the girl I met when first walking in smiled and waved, "Bye Leigh Ann!!". I already feel at home.

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  1. Yay! Can't wait to see you around the city within the city! You'll become best friends with the Cold Plunge before too long!