Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 9 Marathon Training Update

Week 9 of Marathon training, and I've reached the half way point. SNAP! I'm really going to do this, and its become very real just how big of a commitment I have made in this race. The weekly mileage can sometimes be a tad overwhelming, but I keep reminding myself, double the distance, double the work. I know the pay off for the race will be HUGE, and crossing the finish line will make all of the work so very worth it. I struggle to stay motivated at times, but imagining the finish always keeps me going.

This week, I haven't been feeling well (understatement). Monday, I spent a good 7 hours on my bathroom floor hugging the toilet with a 24 hour flu/stomach virus that started at 3am and rocked my world until midnight. Easily one of my worst days ever, hence my lack of post. Getting sick completely through off my appetite. It's been fairly non existent and I have yet to hit 1,000 calories one day this week. If you've been reading here for awhile, you know this an oddity. I like the eating.

No HIIT training this week, and an additional rest day Tuesday. Wednesday, I hit the gym with Madeline. She's joined a new co-ed gym, and this was my second work out with her there. I can tell I've been sick as my heart rate could not take my aggressive tempo run pace, plus the lack of nutrition isn't doing me any favors. I ran 4 miles dreadmill style, and had to bring down the pace for a half mile, but I kept going and it got done! We completed our work out with strength training which is where we slung around weights with the men folk. I've become very comfortable in my all female environment. Not that exercising with men intimidates me, it doesn't, I'm just not all together comfortable there. There were absolutely no women aside from ourselves in the free weight area. This is the second time I've worked out with her there, and it was the same scenario in both instances. The all male free weight area creates a level of discomfort for women, by just being what it is. An area of the gym swarming with sweaty bulky dudes. I find most girls are fearful of looking uneducated in the free weight department, which is why it's avoided in general. My general attitude is, who gives a shit what anyone else thinks, but I will admit that I'm not totally comfortable there. You won't ever catch me bouncing around a co-ed gym with my Sweat is Sexy  tank top on taking selfies in the mirror. Keepin it real. 

This week is crazy wild busy, I didn't have time to get sick, so that's why it happened. Life's tough get a helmet! (Boy Meets World FTW) I leave for Chicago Friday evening, EXCITE! and I have loads to do both at work and at home to get myself ready! 

Plan for the remainder of the week:

7 Mile Run

4 Mile Run & Strength

Half Marathon


All bundled up today! Stay warm peeps!

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  1. I am no runner, but you sure do inspire me!! Love following via instagram!! Keep up the awesome work girl!

  2. Dont you feel like the half this weekend will be a breeze after you 2 longer runs?

    And so sorry you've been sick!! Sounds like it is going around!

  3. Nothing like a good ole stomach flu to slow you down! Get better and make sure you are resting enough - you're a beast!

  4. Oh no-- THE WORST to get sick on a Monday. At least it (obviously) didn't hamper your awesome weekend, and you'll be recovered for a weekend of Chi-town shenanigans (including a casual half marathon). Glad you're feeling better woman!