Friday, November 8, 2013

TGIF & Looking Back

TGIF!! This was an AWESOME week for me both fitness and weight wise. I'm down 1.5 pounds since Tuesday and 3 from last Friday (I've been scale obsessing lately- don't judge!), thanks to marathon training miles and keeping my carb and calorie counts in check. I did not have a faturday this week so obviously, that helped! Wazzup holler. I hope I can pull off another 3 before Chi-Town next week. Obviously, this is all depends on what will go down this weekend. The weekend is always my weakness (I don't think I'm going to outgrow the "party girl stage" ), BUT I am determined to keep this positive momentum going! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

Repeat mileage from last week was on point all week. My body is having some issues adjusting to the higher mileage, but I can't decide if it's down to not allowing myself to fully recover from my last half, or running on that leg day. Regardless, my Thursday run felt fantastic, and I'm ready to tackle fifteen (15) that's a one followed by a five - sweet baby J - Saturday morning!

New Run Tights from Athleta- LOVE THEM. I'm in a Small Tall and could size down.
These run big but they are so fun, and so far out of my boring black comfort zone!
I'm running to the start line of the Cajun Cup with another crazy lady Sole Sista, where we will finish off the run with a 10k race! I had wanted to try and PR the 10k BUT the marathon is more important to me at present, and I can't play around on a mileage building week. I guess I'll just have to run the Crescent City Classic again this year, and PR then! 

I had to giggle at myself this morning, I went back and read my last post before the Cajun Cup last year- whole post here. I was feeling very nervous/excited/anxious about running 6.2 miles, the distance was mammoth to me at that time. I can't help but wonder how I'll feel about 15 miles, this time next year :)

How I felt in 2012 about running 6.2- Originally posted November 9, 2012

I've followed my 10K training schedule down to the minute degree, and I am ready. I feel prepared and confident in my ability to achieve my goals ahead of tomorrow's race, complete the 10K under an hour. It's difficult to describe the anticipation I feel ahead of tomorrow's race. It's not my first race, I've completed many a 5k (three since training for the 10K began) in my life, but it will be my longest run to date. I feel proud of myself to have come so far. I remember at the end of my 3.5 mile run week two thinking, "How the hell am I ever going to run 6.2 miles?!" Now, I'm running circles around my old self, and feeling super amped up about training for and running a HALF MARATHON- say what!?!?!

Wishing each and everyone of you a full out fabulous weekend! Happy running :)

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  1. I love the little look back at how you felt last year! You'll be running four times that soon! Good luck this weekend! :)

  2. Love this post and those running tights!!! How funny to read your old thoughts and being anxious about a half marathon and now you are well on your way to a full....gettin' it done! Have a fabulous weekend!!

  3. My first 10k kicked my booty! I thought it was impossible and now it is my favorite distance. Gotta love feeling stronger! Also, I love how dedicated you are to your training. Nothing better than running a race knowing your are prepared to kill it!

  4. I will always be a party girl at heart :) Right now Im counting down the minutes until I can get home and have happy hour with my hubby :) Youve come so far and should be so proud of yourself :) Thanks for being my inspiration :)