Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saturday Surprises

Saturday was easily one of my busiest days in recent memory. It began at 5:30am and would continue non-stop until 2:00am. That's a long time to blowin and going ya'll! After my 15 mile foot tour of my hometown, I took a few hours to enjoy the post race atmosphere and visit with fellow runners. Everyone I talked with had done well during the race. Easily my second favorite part of race day, first being crossing the finish line, is post race celebration/social time! The Sole Sistas gathered for brunch and visited about upcoming races and training schedules. It was easily noon by the time Mr.Noel and I were on our way for the day. We had to get our rears in gear too, because there was a lot to do!

Long time Elle Noel readers will recognize my dear friend Susannah, and since August, I had been involved in planning a surprise Birthday party in her honor! 

Susannah and I - Undergrad years le sigh

Surprising Susannah was no small task, and it took an army of us to get it done. I'm still shocked that no one spilled the beans. Susannah now lives in New Orleans, and would be visiting town this weekend alone, so this would be the only opportunity for us to get together and celebrate her birthday. Susannah was under the impression she would be attending a retirement party for boyfriend's Dad on Saturday, and that our group would get together on Sunday for brunch. The biggest factor in keeping the surprise, was for everyone to arrive on time ahead of Susannah, who would be riding with her Mom, and arriving last, to the retirement party.

I must admit, I was nervous gervis about our ability to pull off this surprise. We planned in advance to hide certain cars that she may recognize, and for people that shouldn't be at the retirement party to be out of window view when she arrived. In the end, it was a total shock to Susannah and a resounding success! 

The surprises for the evening wouldn't end there. We also found out that Madeline and Pitbull, had very recently become engaged! 

Going to the Chapel and they're gonna get married!
Saturday was easily one of my top days this year. The evening was incredibly joyous and fun to spend with family and friends, celebrating new chapters in life. For me this is really what life is all about, supporting the people we love. I'm very lucky to have these girls in my life, and I thank my lucky stars each day for these wonderful friendships. I know we're all so very excited for all the wonderful things to come in the next year and beyond!


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  1. I did not even recognize you with the blonde hair!! Wow college pics always throw me for a loop... I am always thankful that I don't look anything like I did freshman year! Your weekend sounds like a blast!! Looks like you will have plenty more to celebrate in the future! Congrats again on the 15 miler!