Friday, November 1, 2013

POTM Goals & 4 Mile Run Routine

November first means it's time to participate in Pile on the Miles! I participated in this challenge last year, hosted by Monica over at Run Eat Repeat, as a way to hold myself accountable over the holidays! My 2012 goal was to run 60 miles in November. At that point in time, it seemed like a ton of mileage to me. I totaled my 2012 November mileage at 47.9 miles.It took me a few weeks to recover from  Cajun Cup (10k), first ever long race. I really can't believe how far I've come in one calendar year.

This year, my goal is to run 120 miles. Weekly Marathon training miles are 30 plus so I should have no problems reaching this goal. Rolling into my long run this week, I've run 15 and will total out at 29. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Thursday, I made the poor choice to sleep in and put in my run after work. It was storming out in the evening, so I had to chain myself to the dreadmill. I decided to turn my four miles into a small tempo-esque run to beat treadmill boredom. My ADD works overtime on the treadmill. I like to use the treadmill for pace management and forcing myself to run negative splits. This was also a great opportunity to test out my post Jazz Half recovery. I must say I feel nearly 100% recovered. My left toe started making itself known during the last quarter mile but nothing I couldn't handle. I'm really looking forward to a new distance PR Saturday morning! 14 Miles BayBay!!!

Cruising right along into another weekend, feeling full out fabulous! I'm super excited about November this year. I'm going to Chicago with Kate, lots of new distance PRs coming up with Marathon training (a new distance PR always leaves me feeling extra high on life!),  Thanksgiving, family get togethers, and the upcoming Christmas season my last name ain't Noel for nothing! 

This weekend is also my Alma Mater's homecoming- busting out the red skinnies to celebrate! Wishing each and every one of you an AWESOME weekend!

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  1. You are piling on the miles girl! Love those red skinnies on you too! Have a great weekend

  2. How did I ever agree to do 101 miles?! LOL We shall see how this goes but I am excited for the challenge! You look adorable per ususal!

  3. I signed up for 120 or 130 I can't remember??? That just sounds loco!

    Love the red skinnies!

  4. Im doing Pile on the Miles too :) but my milage is literally 100 miles less than yours - haha - it's nobody's race but your own, so Im not playing that comparison game, just proud of myself for particpating this year, I was too chicken last year :)

  5. congrats on your 14!!! that's so awesome, it was a great weekend for running! :)