Friday, November 22, 2013

Marathon Training Week 10 & Weekly Weigh In

Saturday morning marks the final run of week 10 marathon training, with a 17 mile run. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intimidated by that distance, I am extremely intimidated by that distance. This week over all has not been the best in terms of training. I've logged three work outs and 12 miles heading into the long run, as I missed one weekday long run due to my trip. My legs have been stiff and sore, which I'm blaming on walking 6 miles in boots on Monday. This does not count as a work out. Week 11 should be much more balanced and normal in terms of training as I will be at home in my element. The biggest hurdle in the foreseeable week is the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. My Mom is making black bottom pumpkin pie- help me!

You may have noticed I have not been using my Garmin to track my runs. I have issues keeping the Garmin charged, and as much as it pains me to admit it, I pace myself 10 times better with my free Nike+ running ap. To make the Nike + ap even more addictive, I've recently discovered that it's gone social! I had to upgrade my account, I've been using Nike + for a few years now, and I added a few friends where we can issue challenges to one another which is great fun! Feel free to add me there if you'd like, my name is Elle_Noel.

My favorite feature in the social sharing aspect, is the cheers I get from friends while out running! I have the AP set to sync with my personal Facebook. When I begin a run, a post is made on Facebook, and with each like I get a "cheer" in my ear simultaneously! It's such a fun boost while out on the road. I'm really loving the ap. However, I've run into another dilemma  with cell phone battery charge, if it ain't one thing, it's another, and it's been incredibly frustrating to have my phone die during the long run. I'm picking up a battery back up today, and crossing my fingers that Santa will pass me a new phone for Christmas! I've been soooo good this year! 

In run related news (surprise surprise), my new pair of K Swiss Kwicky Blade Lights are finally in!  I'm in desperate need of new run kicks. A few weeks ago, I bought a pair of Mizuno Wave to Inspire, which is one of the most popular running shoes in the US. I did two runs in them and decided they just were not for me. It's hard to make a switch when you're used to one type of shoe in particular. I really love my K Swiss Kwicky Blades and I am in the minority there. My run store doesn't even carry the shoe anymore as it's not very popular, but they will special order it for me! Just another example of what's good for the gander ain't always good for the goose. Finger out what works for you!

3rd Pair of K Swiss

Hydration issues and the long run, the big pain in my side. Previously, I've had to plan my route around water fountains, or pre-plan my run route, and set out water bottles along the way. This is troublesome for me, as I like to wing my routes. I finally broke down and picked up a hand held water bottle at my local run store. I've been enjoying venturing far away from water fountains and the freedom that's allowed me in switching up my run routes. Honestly, I can't believe I put off purchasing some type of hydration for such a long time. 

Last but not least, post vacation weigh in- queue the ominous don don don. 

I am up three pounds from last Friday. I'm OK with that. Total honesty? A beach vacation would have been double that, maybe plus some, as all we do for a week straight is lounge, eat, and drink. Back on track and holding myself accountable. Thanks blog, appreciate ya! 

Do you have a long run this weekend? How far?
Do you typically gain weight while on vacation?

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  1. I tried out the Mizunos also and theyre just too narrow for my german block feet and snausage toes :) Brooks Revennas are my jam :) I tried a different type of brooks but keep going back to my fave :) Sometimes your feet want what they want :) Good luck this weekend on you 17miler - you better post something to IG :) have a great one!

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  3. Added you on Nike+! Can't wait to follow your progress!!!

  4. Oh, I meant to tell you it's totally normal to gain weight while training for a marathon-because you are hungrier :) It will level off!!!