Monday, November 18, 2013

Elle Noel Favorite Series: Meet Erin

Happy Monday morning, I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I am off gallivanting in Chicago, that's if they haven't kicked me out yet, and in my place, I've asked one of my personal favorite bloggers to fill in for me! Meet Erin from Fun, Love & Football! I love Erin's blog because she writes about ALL aspects of life. My ADD really like that! She and her husband have started a series all about managing debt and saving that cash money! I seem to constantly have a case of the I want, I needs thus money burns a whole in my pocket. My husband would probably describe me as spoiled. I'd describe myself as an efficient spender.... I really do need a new pair of black boots.... clearly I have a lot to learn

Hello, Elle fans!! I'm Erin and I blog over at Love, Fun & Football. While we're all busy being jealous of Elle's fabulous trip to Chicago and stalking her Instagram, I figured I'd try to attempt some type of entertainment on her blog.You can also stalk my Instagram, but Cincinnati may not be quite as exciting to you! ;)

My blog's a little bit about everything and that's just how I like it. My interests are all over the board- so I think we'll get along no matter what your favorite things are! ;) Although, if you like DisneyWorld, we're definitely off to a good start.

If you stop over at LFF anytime soon, you'll soon see I'm a little bit crazy, but a lotta' bit friendly---- I promise :) Most pictures you see of me are going to look more like this...

...because, let's be honest. That is way easier to pull off than any other pose I know! Even the hand on hip, skinny-arm pose that everyone else seems to have perfected. Me? Not so much.

Not only do I LOVE football, but I also work in the football world too. This will be my 5th football season and I really can't remember life before it now. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but since my team is going to the Super Bowl this year, we'll go with good. #Whodey

I got married in May 2011 to another crazy football fan. I accidentally stole his hoody in college which is how we ultimately met and started dating ;) Ahhh, football- bringing people together year after year.

You'll find I blog a lot about my obsession with Mexican food, and how I'm currently trying to get back on the whole 'running thing' to make up for how much I eat it. Any chance I get to eat AND wear a sombrero? I'm not gonna' pass that up! Why would you?? Now I just need to double up on those workouts so I can justify chips and salsa when I need to.

My husband and I recently started up a series on my blog spilling it ALL about our student loan debt and our plan to get out of it. If you're in the same boat as us, please stop by and leave us a note. There is strength in numbers! :)

I would love to meet you other fabulous ladies out there- so please stop by Love, Fun & Football or follow me on twitter! :)

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