Thursday, November 21, 2013

Chicago Trip Favorites

Chicago Part 2! My favorite aspects of the trip had to have been my run number one. Exploring on foot was such a unique way to see the city. Additionally, since that happened at the beginning of our trip, I felt I had a relatively decent understanding of the layout of things in regards to what we wanted to do and see.

The Willis (Sears) Tower absolutely lived up to the hype.The view was incredible to say the least, and sitting in the glass sky box was unnerving, terrifying, and exhilarating all at the same time. I can not tell a lie, I was scared to the bone with sweat dripping down my back posing for this picture and I NEVER once looked down. I am terrified of heights, that's why God made me so tall, so I never have to go up any higher, but I sucked it up and stepped onto the ledge. Twice.

Watching the sun set from the top of the tower
The famous bean was really cool, but it was kinda just a big mirrored bean. One cab driver told us, I don't know what the big deal is, people just like the bean! Still if you're in Chicago you have to check it out. 

We did an architectural boat tour which took us down the Chicago River and discussed Chicago's buildings and how they came to be. We also learned the many ways in which Chicago has affected the world's architectural landscape. The tour guide was hysterical and we enjoyed the tour. No pictures though, I was freezing, and wasn't about to take my gloves off. My Momma didn't raise no fool.

Ca c'est froid!!!!!
Sunday we had terrible weather, however we were able to spend the day at The Museum of Science and Industry. We could have spent 8 additional hours there and still not seen every thing. 

Christmas comes Early!


Amy Adam's dress from Enchanted

Indoor "Tornado"

We also rode the infamous Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier, what a view!! Little did I know it would only get better, a la sky deck! Conquering my fear of heights twice in one day...

Eating in Chicago- going into this vacation, I had no intentions of sticking to low carb low calorie anything. When I'm on vacation, I majorly relax. Life is short and I never want to look back and think, I wish I had tried XYZ instead of sticking to a salad. That said, we had serious plans to try out all of the food Chicago had to offer! For all the good intentions we had to try out new places to eat per everyone's suggestions, we quickly discovered:

A. We couldn't put away as much food as we intended to 
B Navigation from place to place was tricky and time consuming. Especially given our limited time constraints to sight see, etc.

Our days basically went like this:

Wake Up, grab coffee and a piece of fruit. Sight see until lunch. Eat a a large meal at lunch, split dinner where ever we landed at the end of the day. Here are a few high lights, a-hem what I have pictures of

Saturday, we ate lunch at Sweet Water Tavern and Grill where I had The Trevi with a side of asparagus. Special bonus? We got to watch College Football!

Sunday, lunch was Giordanos Famous Pizza and it did not disappoint! We split the classic and this filled us up well into the evening. To say they over serve you everywhere is a huge understatement!

Monday, we grabbed a bite before heading out on the architectural boat tour at D4 Irish Pub & Cafe where I had a black Mimosa (Guinness and Champagne, it was tres delicious) and what the waitress told us were the best fish and chips in Chicago!

Lunch Sized Portion
We spent two evenings in a row at Timothy O'Tooles Sports Bar cheering for our Saints and hanging out on our last night there. We LOVED this bar and split dinner there Sunday night. 

That's a wrap on eating. I wish we had more time to try out some other land mark Chicago restaurants but alas, time did not allow. I know I'm not doing Chicago justice. This trip was such an incredible experience! But seriously, how fun is it looking at some else's vacation pictures? 

Back to Boss style business, I have a marathon to train for, and a 17 mile run on Saturday morning. 17 Miles!!! This week has been funky food and work out wise, however, I got in my first post vacation run and work out Wednesday evening.... I am so glad that is out of the way! 

9 Weeks out from my first Marathon, the final countdown!

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  1. Chicago is such a fun city and I never get sick of other's vacation pictures!

    Hope you loved Caribou Coffee as much as I do!

  2. Did that museum have the Christmas trees from around the world exhibit in your picture? I had grandparents in Chicago...and I remember going to that exhibit every year!

  3. That top picture really freaked me out at first. Then I realized where you were. Whew. This girl is afraid of heights! ;) Glad you had a great time!

  4. Looks like you had a great time :) Ive seen the bean too and I dont really get the whole appeal, but whatevs :) good luck getting back in the swing of things :)

  5. I absolutley LOVE Chicago and live 3 hours away, it's so fun to hop on the train and ride it into the city for a quick weekend or just a day trip :) I am the same way and could spend 5 days at the museum of science and industry and never get sick of it! If you get the chance to go back you have to see the aquarium! Last time my boyfriend and I were there, we stumbled upon the 'Weiner Circle'. HIGHLY recommend going in there for a late night hotdog, the food isn't that spectacular, but the experince is for sure worth it!

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