Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cajuns in Chicago

Chicago, where oh where do I even begin? I'm back home buried in the South exactly where I belong. I think you should go home  to Greenbow AlaBAMA! Every trip I've ever taken up north, I'm always struck by the major differences in culture. Mainly the massive difference in our Louisiana  laissez faire attitude  and the fast paced rhythm of the city. I love the hustle and bustle of the big city, and I love meeting new people while  experiencing life in a brand new place. Kate and I took in as many sights as humanly possible during our short stay. We dealt with inclement weather as travel pros and both agreed we could have used just one more day to explore Chicago! A sure sign of a fantastic trip!

At Navy Pier
The experience was incredible and the city was very tourist friendly. This is one of those life experience I'm positive to look back on in years to come and think I'm so thankful I was able to make that trip happen! I was immediately struck by how clean the city itself was, and how safe I felt there in general. I never once felt ill at easy in Chicago, and I did a lot of exploring! 

Navigating from the airport to the hotel was a breeze with waiting cabs outside the front doors, and within an hour of landing in the windy city I met up with Kate and vacation mode quickly set in. Saturday morning, I set out on my scheduled half marathon training run in a brand new place.

Running Chicago was a ton of fun and took the monotony out of the long run. The run itself was easily a trip highlight for me as I got to see a large amount of the city on foot before most people had even woken up for the day. I knew I wanted to make my way down to Lake Shore Path, but with my water bottle in hand I decided to wing it. I ran south down Michigan Avenue, past Millennium Park, under the L, down State Street, all the way down the famous Michigan Mile to Lake Shore path and back. I was mostly at the will of what Kate and I would lovingly refer to as the man (Cross walk light up who dictates pedestrian traffic) as I would follow the city block or cross the street when he allowed me to. Running Chicago was incredibly FUN and I moved faster there than I have at home all run season. I ran several miles in an 8 (fast fast for me) and had to continually tell myself to slow down! Occasionally, I'd see other runners around the city and follow them for a time. I think I moved so fast partly because my buns were freezing and partly because the humidity there is so very low! My pace slowed on Lake Shore path when running into the wind, but all in all this was a fantastic run! I'm pretty sure I ran roughly 15 miles as I had to guesstimate distance after my phone died (didn't charge over night). I'm positive this was a half marathon PR for me, but alas I have no record. Whatcha gonna do.

Head band/ Ear Warmer is from Bondi Bands

After the run, we quickly set out a pattern that would follow for our trip, and we never wasted a minute. I feel like I could really use one more day to recover from our big city shenanigans and lack of sleep in general. We hit the ground running full speed ahead and ended our trip sprinting through O'Hare to make our flight (hint our luggage didn't) Last minute lady says heyyyyy. 

Tomorrow I'll recap some of the internet appropriate stories Hi Mom! about what we did, where stayed, and where we ate. Chicago equaled success and a lifetime worth of fun memories! We're still trying to figure out where they be keeping Oprah!

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  1. I never thought of running as such an awesome way to sight-see! That is so cool. I've been to Chicago once for Lollapalooza and I agree, there will never be enough time!

  2. I love Chicago! I haven't been since my early teens, so I would love to go back and experience the city now in a whole different way. It's only a 5-6 hour drive from where I live in Michigan.

  3. I love chi-town. I was just there 2ish weeks ago. You're right it's hustle and bustle busy town with always something to do. I can home abscess exhausted for a week but so worth it! Glad you had fun!!

  4. So glad you had such a great time!! And how awesome you ran the city and got to see all the sites! :)

  5. congrats on the half PR! I have never been to Chi - town but sounds fun!