Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Alfredo Pasta Skinnified, Questions Request, Weekly Goals

Good morning party people! Upcoming this week, I am steam rolling into marathon training week 8, that means I'm 10 short weeks out from the Marathon. I get the skivvies when I think about how far 26.2 miles actually is. One mile at a time One week at a time

I get asked lots of questions about running, I'm going to do a post solely dedicated to frequently asked running questions this week. I've been collecting a quite a few, and would love to get more. If you have a burning question that needs answering holla at me I'm your girl!

I haven't talked much about food lately, mostly because I don't like sharing too much of my diet. People are very opinionated about diets, and I for one don't believe there is no one cookie cutter fits all program that will work for every single person. There is no right or wrong way to eat, and lose weight, there is only what works for you. Do you boo

I am NO expert. I have NO formal education regarding nutrition. I'm just some regular normal average chick who figured out how to shift ell beees around, and not drive my self insane in the process. That said, I made a fiyaaaa skinny alfredo chicken pasta for a winning Sunday dinner so I'm going to share! So easy it's stupid.

Cube Four Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
Saute half a chopped onion in margarine
Cook with Chicken

Add Pasta Base: At my house we love an Alfredo and almost never get to eat it!
Bertolli via Target

Throw in some veggies: I used left over frozen peas from another meal and remaining steam-able broccoli left over from lunch the previous day

Holla for a dolla
Season to taste: we like it hot cher.

I worked this out to make four servings at just shy of 400 calories. I served mine over Spaghetti Squash (included in the calorie count). My husband ate the left overs with real pasta, because he's a man and he can. He'll lose weight this week. Life's not fair, gotta get over it!

My pictures are lacking, yes, but trust me, this was delicious!

Weekly Work Out Goals:

RIPPED- so happy to be able to add this class back in!

4 Mile Run

7 Mile Run

4 Mile Run

Cross Training

15 Mile Run 


Got my first Piko Top from Charly and Company
I get it now- these tops are amazing, comfy and so soft!

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  1. GET IT GURRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLL! That dish looks delish!!!! PS Here is my question... I workout at lunch time. Typically (especially now with the time change and hubby's schedule) I cannot run outside before or after work and it's not enough time at lunch for me to change into everything, get outside for a decent run, and allow myself enough time to get back in shower and get back to work. So... I plan on doing my training/general running on the dreadmill during the week and then Saturday or Sunday (sometimes both days) I will hit the pavement. What things can I do with the dreadmill that will help with training. I know that pavement is totally different but I want to be able to fluctuate between the two and not feel so far behind. Does this make sense?! Should I increase my incline? Speed? HELP!

    1. Just adding my two cents....

      When I started running on the treadmill I worked my way up to 6 miles in 60 minutes. This was throughout the course of about 9 months. When the weather got nice, I decided to take my runs outside and struggled! I had a really hard time running that distance, in that time, but when on the treadmill I could do it at ease. Since then, when I run on the treadmill I do more interval training where I up the incline and speed throughout my run. I think that has helped me a lot when transitioning back to running outside. To find interval training for the treadmill I just googled it and came across a gazillion plans. I hope this helps! :)


    2. Hey Marcy! I thought I would send you this link because it's really helped me. Since running on a treadmill is so much easier, you should always run at an incline to mimic running outside. It still won't be the same as running on pavement but should help. I ran a half marathon this summer and I trained mostly on gravel. The race was on pavement, and I couldn't walk properly for THREE WEEKS afterwards because my feet were killing me as they weren't accustomed to pavement -- just fyi. Make sure you do your long runs on the surface you will be racing on!


  2. Thanks for sharing everything-- workouts, and that meal too! YUM! :) I'll be looking forward to your FAQ post. If I think of any questions I'll come back :)

  3. Now I know what I'm going to be getting at Target this week. I love me some freaking alfredo. And yessssssss, please do a running post asap. :)

  4. I am such a fan of Alfredo! It's a guilty pleasure, but I'm happy that I've found the light versions :)

    I have a question for you: I am an athlete and also run a good amount. However, I can only run (continually) for about 3 miles. I'd like to do a 10k or even a half, but I have such a hard time adding additional miles. How do I train to amp up the miles? My problem is when I'm running, I feel like I've done more than I have, so when I realize it's only 3, but it feels like 5, I realize I'm tired and stop. HELP.

  5. Got a question for ya! I'm curious how you handle/plan/execute/whatever your consectutive runs and strength sessions?? On the days I run, I just can't imagine working out more...

  6. I tried posting a question from my phone but I dont think it worked so Im going to try again from my computer! Sorry if you get the comment twice!

    This will be my first fall/winter to be a runner & I am struggling with knowing how many layers/what to wear on runs when it is cold outside! How do you decide what to wear for a run in colder weather?? I want to be comfortable but not hot or cold & I havent quite figured out that balance yet! Also is there anything you do different for a run in cold weather vs warm?? thanks!

  7. I'm excited for this running Q & A post!! Idk if you've already talked about the gear you like to use, but that would be awesome. I'm a verrrrry new runner and don't know that I ever plan to run long distances, but I need something to carry my iPhone in and can't decide between a belt type thing or an arm-holder. What do you use?!?!

  8. That meal looks awesome. Will have to give it a try when I'm cutting fat. Bookmarked it for later.
    Good luck in your marathon training. :)


  9. Oh, boo! I love your meal posts! I am always looking for new ideas and your recipes are practical and don't have 23143252345 ingredients! I guess you are just going to have to start writing your food posts and emailing them to me ;)