Tuesday, November 26, 2013

8 Weeks Out & Weekly Goals

WOWZA! Every now again, I seem to write a post that resonates with a large amount of  people and the feedback always astounds me! Thank you so much for all of your support. It's always rewarding to have someone say that they can relate to my story, or that even in the smallest way, that I have inspired them. 

I think about this wonderful community, I literally stumbled upon, often, far too often: when I'm out running to road, when I want to cheat myself in some small fashion, and most frequently when deciding which aspects of my life I want to share. Blogging for me has always been about personal accountability and recording my personal goals and milestones, albeit in a semi-public fashion. I'm not a blogger that particularly cares about the number of readers, daily hits, followers, etc. although I will admit it's fun to see those numbers come up, as to me it says I'm doing something right to have so many people relate. For all of these reasons, thank you thank you for all of your continued support! I'm blown away!

If you don't think cat pictures are funny, we can't be friends (true story)
8 weeks out from the marathon, and I'm thinking I may have lost all my marbles signing up for this one. For the record, we , meaning my husband and myself, never ever actually discuss the marathon in it's entirety. Saturday post long run, we were traveling and talking about snap attack just how far 17 miles really is. However, we never ever discuss how far 26.2 actually is. Mr. Noel does frequently remind me that the first person to ever run the marathon died right afterwards so, and I quote "You're doing really well!"  If not dying after is the measure for success, then hell yes I am doing really well! I have a strong feeling those last six miles will rock my world. I frequently think to myself respect the distance and it will respect you. (if you're lucky)

Frequent reminders on The Louisiana Marathon Facebook page
My entire life revolves around running. Sleep to run, eat to run, socialize to run, work to run. All of my work outs presently revolve around increasing long run endurance. I'm still focusing on upper body strength several days a week, however lower body weight lifting isn't fitting into my schedule until after the race January 19th.

I have worked RIPPED back into my weekly schedule. The class was cut out at my gym several months ago, however I have been able to follow it to another gym on Monday evenings. I love it so much, I'm willing to pay for it singularly. Oh no, I'm one of those people. 

The combination HIIT and strength training encourages me to give more of myself, working  harder each Monday than I ever would on my own. RIPPED has singularly and massively factored into my overall fitness. I've detailed RIPPED before you can read about it here. The class is nationwide however not nearly on the same popularity level as some of the others offered out there. I LOVE this class. 

Weekly Work Out Goals:


5 Miles & Strength

8 Miles

5 Miles & Body Weight Strength Work Out 

Cross Training & Strength

18 Mile Run

Rest/ Recover

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  1. Let me say for the 100th, thanks so much for being honest with these posts! I have been trying to be more honest with my goals for myself and on the blog hoping others can relate.On I running note, I believe middle of the week longer runs suck. Right now, it is the one big thing holding me back from training for a marathon. spend almost an hour and a half running on a cold Wednesday night? Not my kind of party! Hopefully there is a nice cup of hot (spiked) chocolate waiting for you afterwards!

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  3. Thank you for posting this! Your 8-weeks-out thoughts echo mine exactly. I am thinking about the marathon in some capacity all.the.time and everything I do (like you said, eat, sleep, run, do other workouts) is all for that day. Sometimes I feel like I must be insane, but deep down I know it will all be worth it (or, more realistically, I know how mad I'll be at myself if I don't do everything I can and then the marathon goes horribly wrong). You seem to be keeping it together better than I am, so kudos!!!