Friday, October 25, 2013

Workouts, Food, Running- Story of My Life

Mernin ya'll, it's Friday time again! Woop Woop! Best day of the week! I apologize for my radio silence yesterday, busy is an understatement. The things we have to do for money!Ridiculous!

Workouts- I have been feeling the early morning work outs! I put in three early mornings Wednesday- Friday and two afternoons Monday and Tuesday. The past few weeks, I've been an almost always afternoon girl, but this week it's been on at 5am! I have cut out all two a days at present. I'm really focusing on working smarter not harder. My overall focus right  is just no to take things too seriously, which I'm incredibly guilty of. Instead, I'm focusing all of my energy into one intense hour and a half work out per day. I feel pretty fantastic rolling into the weekend nothing new there

Food- I find the more I think about it, the hungrier I always am. I've taken some pressure off focusing on certain numbers and have come in really low in calories every day this week. Which is BONKERS. If I plan for 200 more calories per day, I feel relentlessly hungry, but if I don't put too much thought (I will always put some thought into it just not obsessing) into what i'm eating, I come in under and wait for it... I'm not hungry. I'm really trying to focus on overall lifestyle commitment instead of focusing on singular challenges and specific diets. When I find myself planning strict meals, I begin obsessing about food and where my next meal is coming from. I'm going to elaborate on this idea next week. It's what I planned to talk about yesterday, BUT anywho it will get done.

Running- I still don't feel quite recovered from Jazz Half. When asked what hurts, I can't even pin point one problem area. Left hip, ball of left foot, right calf, right ankle.... poo yi I'm falling a part. I don't feel like any ONE injury is holding me back just not quite fully recovered. I've actually run negative splits all week long as my run starts I trust my legs? As the run goes on I trust them more, and end with a bang. This is always my goal when training, so there's a positive in the long Jazz Half recovery. This week's long run is a 9 miler. I'm thinking I'll run the same route I ran during half training for the 9 miler when the dew point was 78, 90 something degrees, and threatening to rain the whole run. Redemption run time, oh yeahs!

Writing this post makes my life look so boring. Run, Work, Eat, Repeat. Honestly, I couldn't love it more. I feel more alive in my routine than I ever did before. Don't be afraid to do what's best for you!

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  1. Your life is NOT boring girl! But I do know the feeling :) I just work, eat, work-out and sleep too it seems! I'm trying to get into the morning workouts, but not there just yet.... still hitting the gym 4-5x a week though in the evenings!! YAY!

  2. I feel ya, girl - my life is work, eat, workout/run and sleep! I can't function without working out - I even make myself feel hella guilty if I miss one (I think I have a problem). But it seems like you have everything figured out! You're an inspiration, and I definitely wish I could run more than 3 miles like you :)