Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Title Boxing Club Experience

The week following my half marathon, there was no way possible I could run. My legs were stiff and sore, and I agitated some lingering injuries. I did not see this a reason to prop my feet up for a week. I took this opportunity to focus on lifting, bond with the stair master, and try out new classes. The idea of chaining myself to the elliptical for a week to get in some cardio was out of the question for me. I'd rather pick my eye lashes out one by one then spend 45 minutes on the elliptical each day. Snoooozefest. 

Thursday evening, I decided to try a class with a friend who is a member of Title Boxing Club. He's been a member since April of this year and had seen fantastic results from his work outs there! I was curious and intrigued by the idea of a boxing class, however I'm not overly coordinated (why running in a straight line works for me) and sometimes walking into new situations where others are experienced can be intimidating. 

I wasn't sure what to expect from this class, luckily my buddy who is a member and I have been friends since we were 11 years old. He's quite accustomed to the 80 million question game that can accompany and outing with me. He'd erased any worries I could have had before they even arose, and the entire experience couldn't have been less intimidating. I showed up for class 15 minutes early as instructed, and was given the run down by one of their trainers. The trainers were extremely welcoming and informative. The work out breakdown was as follows:

15 Minute Warm Up
8 Rounds of 3 minute Boxing Routine
Each Round broken apart by an active rest- participants can either actively rest or participate in the low impact cardio
Core Work Out

The work out itself was phenomenal, super high energy which is right up my alley, and each round was easily modifiable per individual's fitness level. I participated in each active rest and didn't start feeling winded until round 7. Running has really upped my endurance level in all aspects. However, punching a 100 pound bag is harder work than it looks. I had no frame of reference regarding how hard to hit the bag, but I did try to pace myself. Those gloves can get heavy! I really liked how fun the class was and how efficiently the instructor managed time. A group work out can be totally destroyed by an instructor with poor time management skills and this instructor maximized our hour.I only wish I had worn my heart rate monitor to see how many calories were burned, I know it was up there in the 700-800 calorie range. 

We are so hardcore
I'd love to incorporate a work out like this into my weekly schedule. Muscle groups I didn't even know I had or could be sore were sore after this work out. My forearms especially. Burn baby burn! I've been feeling pretty lost since RIPPED ended at my gym and have yet to find an adequate substitute. The at home work outs just weren't cutting it, and I will PUSH myself in a class. Peer pressure has its perks! 

What are some of your favorite group exercise classes?

Wearing Red and White to support our Louisiana Ragin Cajuns playing another Tuesday game- Ayieee!

The scarf is actually weather appropriate- finally!
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  1. I LOVE the body works classes at LA Fitness. I have a really hard time getting motivated to do weights. Doing an hour of them in a class setting helps you not wuss out!

  2. I have heard great things about Title! We have had one in town that I have yet to check out but I love a challenge so I may just have to look into it. That workout sounds pretty intense! My favorite group classes thus far have been bootcamp style classes and step classes. I'm starting a new Kickboxing one today over my lunch hour and it's the first time I'll be working with a male instructor which has me 8 shades of nervous.

  3. I finally got back into Group Power (similar to Les Mills Body Pump) after a hiatus with my twins. I finally found a class time that will work with my work schedule and not rob me of time with the kids. I do Group Power on my off days from running. Way to rock the boxing class! Sounds like a ton of fun!

  4. I've thought about Title - their power hours are supposed to burn 1000 calories. Thanks for the review on the class.

  5. I love the kickboxing classes!! Emily @ Beauty and the Greek - I just signed up at LA Fitness and was wondering about that class. What is it? Thanks girls!!

  6. It seems you had a wonderful experience in that class. What's really great about taking boxing classes is that the whole routine keeps your whole body active. And since your whole body is getting a working out at the same time, it speeds up burning excess calories and turns them to energy you need to keep going.

    Barbara Cales @ Legend Boxing

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  9. Great experience.. Kick boxing is my favaorite.. on every vacation i like to join. This is something when i can express myself well being fit and active.. kickboxing classes for practice...