Thursday, October 17, 2013

So Can I Run Today?

I really want to run today. Another cool front came through, and the humidity is low. It's an itch I can't help but scratch. This morning, I'm sitting in my bathroom pouting about not being able to pound the pavement. I can't help but think When did this happen to me?

Currently, I'm nursing two injuries that I've made worse by no fault other than my own, by continuing to run on them. About 6 weeks ago, I jammed my right foot into a rock during an early morning dark run. I couldn't move three of my toes for a few weeks and they're finally returning to normal, however I over compensated the toe pain by putting more pressure on the back of my foot and now I have an ankle issue. Last week, during my twelve mile run, I hurt my left calf and it traveled to my hip. I had no choice but to pound ibuprofen and pretend I wasn't hurting. Hello I had a race to run. 

I have yet to run since my half Saturday, and I have to admit all of the above injuries are feeling much better. I feel like I could run through them today BUT how will that make me feel tomorrow? I'm taking one more day off from running, but that's it. I have to get out and run! When did this happen to me?

Not being able to run has forced me to focus on other areas of fitness. Today I'm trying a kick boxing class with a friend. Wednesday, I put up a leg work out so killer, I was nervous about taking the stairs to my office. I have a strict no elevator policy, it's only four flights. Monday I was able to focus on low impact cardio, elliptical, which is boring but meh it will work, and total body strength.

Leg day was phenomenal. I haven't been able to roll hard on my legs due to all of the run training, but man oh man I forgot how much I LOVE to work legs. When I'm focused on weight training, I'm truly amazed at how strong I've become. There are some changes there coming soon, and I'm excited to share this with all of you!

Aside from cooler temps and lower humidity allowing me to run fast fast, I'm truly looking forward to not sweating as much during my runs. All the humidity and heat has reaked havoc on my skin. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say most 12 year olds have better skin than me right now.

Hiding my pimply face in shame (but check out that unflexed shoulder- toot toot beep beep!)

How long do you rest an injury? 

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  1. I ran yesterday- only two miles and slow, but my legs and feet especially weren't ready... boo for rest and for pedicures before runs that scrap away the calluses that protect our feet- my feet are KILLING me... don't ever get a pedicure BEFORE a big run... worst idea ever!

  2. I feel your pain. I stepped off the last freakin step this morning and fell! My foot is really sore but when I put pressure on it to walk, well that's a different story. I'm supposed to, well was supposed to, run 7 miles tomorrow morning. I could just cry because I can't run. Even though I was going to get up at 3:15 to start running at 4, I was really looking forward to it. Hope your injuries are better soon.