Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jazz Half Marathon Recap Part 2

Directly after concluding the half marathon, my husband and I grabbed refreshments, I downed four waters and moved along to beer. I don't usually drink beer, BUT I was exhausted and hell. I earned it. My Mom was concerned about me finishing and had been text bombing my husband to check up on me. We snapped a quick picture to send to my Mom. Don't stress, I'm alive! Then we headed back to the finish line.

At this point, I have no clue what my time was. My official time is thrown off because of the cluster at the start, my phone had died, and I forgot to start my watch until a mile in. I know I didn't meet my goal, BUT I really want to know where I fell! 

Official Time- which was inaccurate due to the start line cluster
I didn't stop the ap right away- this is what I got

I was able to discern my 2:12:48 13.1 time by adding up all of splits and factoring in for the tenth of mile based on my last mile. I suppose for future reference, however I should use the official time. Even though it's inaccurate. I'm slightly annoyed with the timing of this race... I worked my tail off and I want to know exact time, but hey things happen. I'll get it next time! Runner problems 

I hadn't seen Kate since the start of the race, and I really wanted to watch her finish. I was nervous for her because I knew how hard this race had been for me, and I trained for it for three months. Kate got herself ready for this race in 6 weeks. We love living on the edge. She told me her estimated finish time, so I knew about when to expect her should the heat and humidity not eat her alive!

Kate crossed the finish a whole ten minutes ahead of the time she had originally planned. I was so excited for her and proud of my friend. She's also running the Louisiana half in January and the Zydeco in March. I'm trying to talk her into another half in December Jazz Half Redemption!

Directly after Kate crossed the finished line, I look over and spot a familiar face! Melissa from My Life as A Folz!! I was so excited to get to meet her, we comment on each other's blogs frequently and I felt like I already knew her so well. She and her husband were both so incredibly sweet and it was awesome to put a face and voice to the person I chat with so frequently! This was her first half marathon and she rocked it! Props to Melissa, because if she can run this race she can do anything!! Go show her some love, she's running the Rock N Roll full in February!

The atmosphere at this race was a complete turn around from my Rock N Roll race experience. I 100% believe the negative tone pre and post race was down to poor running conditions. We didn't meet one person who was happy with their time or put up a PR. The general attitude was I survived. 

That's not to say the Jazz Half didn't have some great aspects to the experience. The race was well organized in terms of race day packet pick up, packet delivery, parking, etc. The festival at the finish was truly top notch with great bands, food, and tons of drinks. I loved the smaller atmosphere too. It made finding my husband and friends post race super quick and simple. There was plenty of room to rest and put your feet up in the park post race. There were hardly any lines for any of the food and drinks which was awesome! No one likes the waiting! The Race shirt is absolutely one of my favorites and I feel like it's a badge of honor I can share with other people who completed the Jazz Half in 2013.

Going into the race, I understood that this was a charity run with the majority of the money from sign ups going toward Children's Cancer Research, a phenomenal cause and no one can argue with that. Understandably, there were some corners that would need to cut. I never anticipated the Jazz Half to be playing ball in the same park with Rock N Roll.

I feel like I've done enough of these long races now to anticipate a few key components. The lack of corrals at the start, combined with people running two significantly different distances (5k run & Half Marathon), all mixed in together, created a dangerous situation for both people running faster and those people running a slower pace. It also created the major cluster at the start that threw off official time. Additionally, there were no pace groups, which was really strange to me. I even see pace groups at bigger 5ks in my home town. There were also no timing mats through out the race. I'd really like to know my 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k times, but again, this could be something that is extremely costly. I don't know those details. I really don't think anyone could have anticipated the extreme weather, and hopefully they'll be better equipped to deal with hydration and medical needs in future years.

Would I run this race again? If someone had asked me on Saturday or even Sunday I would have said hell no!! My Momma didn't raise no fool! Training for a race at this time of year was a beast, the weather was a real challenge, but I know myself. I'll forget about how difficult the conditions were, and if someone asks me to run with them next year. I know I will. I love a challenge! There's just something about that race day magic...I can't get enough!

I've decided to run another half marathon before my full in January. I want Jazz Half redemption. I'm running the Women's Half Marathon in Baton Rouge this December. Should be excellent prep work for my full Marathon, The Louisiana,  in Baton Rouge this January! 

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  1. SO AWESOME!!!!! You definitely deserved some beer!

  2. Congratulations!! I was a nervous wreck reading part one - thinking you were going to get sick or injured. Glad you did so well and then still cheered everyone on!!

  3. You are a BOSS! Awesome job finishing this race - the odds were stacked against you. I love love love your positive attitude! :)

  4. Great Job!! Youre a beast :) A beautiful running beast :) Question, when official times are taken for qualifications, do they use the race times, even if there were no corrals, just curious :)

  5. Amazing finish!! Humidity is the worst, but you pulled out all the stops!! Congrats!!

  6. You totally rocked this race! I'm surprised I didn't see you at the finish since I came in (way) after you...I was probably too focused on finding the water table! Haha! I did enjoy my first trip to NOLA and I will definitely be back! I have already signed up for a redemption run in my hometown in a few weeks that I am really looking forward to. I can't wait to read about your training for the full...you may just inspire me to do another one! :)