Thursday, October 3, 2013

I'm Still Here

Let's play a round of worst timing ever! Guess who has the flu???!!! ME! My nag a lag in cold turned full blown major half marathon PROBLEM Tuesday evening. I've been working out fairly intensely on a cold for over a week and it finally caught up with me, because Denial ain't just a river in Egypt hunnie.

playing just for me :) #runnerproblems
Positives: My nutrition hasn't suffered. I'm getting the rest my body is screaming at me for as I haven't been able to excersie all week. However, I am feeling light years away from Wednesday (this had to be the worst of the worst) health wise, so I'm going to try some cross training this afternoon.

Negatives: I'm 9 days out from my second half marathon. NINO! This flu/virus/ infection could not have come at a worse time. I'd really like to be focused on building speed and endurance right now but whatcha gonna do. There's also this lovely little lady call Karen threatening to derail my last long run. Oh no she didn't!

What's the worst that can happen: Worst case scenario, and I mean worst case scenario, I'm under prepared and can't PR. I'd beat myself off for all of .4 seconds before realizing I just completed my second half marathon and it's time to celebrate. Completing a half marathon is hard enough, and that accomplishment should be celebrated! (I NEVER miss a party)

Best case scenario: I'm well rested for my last long run on Saturday, possibly Sunday depending on Karen, girl you ain't messing with my mojo. I get in a few fantastic (healthy!) work outs before the half and PR that race! Then I celebrate that accomplishment with my friends. (Who are we kidding ya'll know I'm only there for the post race party)

Plan of Action:
1. Rest, Fluids, and no more physical activity than my virus will allow. 
2. Nutrition on point, every single day, including absolutely no alcohol until that second half marathon medal is swinging from my neck. but but but what about Saturday tailgating?! Sorry gurl, you ain't in undergrad no more. #toughlove
3. Believe and faith in the training thus far! All that work hasn't been for nothing! Race day= Magic

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  1. Oh noooo, what frustrating timing!! Hey, you're looking on the bright side here, though. Flu or not, long run this weekend or not, I think you still DEFINITELY have a sold chance of PR-ing! You've said it yourself all training, you're faster than you were last time. Ain't no flu gonna hold you back from kicking ass!

  2. Feel better! You've been sick too often :( You'll finish the half!

  3. I betcha you'll PR regardless. If you can smack talk a hurricane (a ballsy move in my book), you can beat that flu down. Hope you're feeling 100% fab soon!

  4. Giggling to your inner monologues :) Sorry youre sick, but it looks like youre trying to listen to your body and do the right thing - Im sick too and super happy I dont have a race this weekend :) You will be fine, whatever happens!!

  5. I got sick the week of my half, last week! It. Was. Awful. My biggest mistake was not taking in enough fluids. There were water stops every mile and a half and you'd have thought I was dying between each one. Get well soon and hopefully you will get that PR you've been chasing :)