Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Half Marathon Recovery Plans

Thank you all for the support and kind words following my half this weekend! For everything that went wrong, this experience reminded me that yet again, I am always stronger than I think I am. When this humidity and heat starts coming down, I will seriously be on fire! I'm looking forward to those cool weather runs with much anticipation!

This week I'm focusing on half marathon recovery. I pushed my body during the race on Saturday and I'm going to need to recover from those efforts. I have a slight injury that I've been ignoring for a few weeks now, so this feels like a good week to give it some rest. My left calf and hip are feeling agitated, something I've overcome with will power and ibuprofen. Since I started running, something has always hurt just a little. Aches and pains come with the territory, this is fact. Take the good with the bad!

This week I'm focusing on cross training and lifting. I haven't been lifting as often as I should. I've been more focused on running, cross training, and completing Jillian's RIPPED in 30 (September Challenge).Which I did enjoy however, the at home work out DVDs just are not for me. I love physically going to the gym, and putting all those household stresses out of my mind. When I work out in my living room I can't help but think I have laundry to do. Look at all these things that need dusting. What am I going to cook for dinner? When did I last check the mail? etc. It never feels as relaxing to work out at home. I have to get out of the house! Below is my work out plan for the week. Obviously, I have already completed Monday & Tuesday. I like to recover with the elliptical has it's low impact. That felt pretty good Monday so I graduated to the stair master. I love pushing myself on the stair master, it's hard for a reason- it works! Side note- I end every single work out with core work. Just because it isn't listed below doesn't mean it's not getting done! 

Post Half Recovery Week Plans:

45 Minutes Elliptical
Biceps & Triceps

30 Minute Stair Master Aerobic Training
Shoulders & Back

40 Minute Stair Master (Two 20 Minute Sessions w/ Leg Work in between)
Leg Day

Boxing Class (Trying something new!)

Treadmill Incline Walk/Run
Chest and Abs

Long Run (Recovery Permitting)


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  1. I was curious to see what your post half plans were...since you are a seasoned pro and all! :)

    I did chest and back weights Monday and had to work through lunch yesterday (my normal workout time) so I rested again- contemplating an easy run today, but may just do weights and see how I feel about a run tomorrow..

  2. The two weeks after were always tough for me mentally. I'm taking a break from running now because of all the injuries and damage I've put on my joints. It's hard not to have a specific goal in mind to train for though. I have just started a workout series focusing on heavy lifiting. This is helping my goal oriented self :)

  3. You should look into the Hanson Method for your marathon training. I've been toying around with the idea of using it for my first marathon, and have heard great things about how great marathoners feel during the race after using the program. If you're interested, you could read Katie's race report after using it. I have just found it interesting reading about peoples' experiences utilizing that method.