Monday, October 28, 2013

Blogging Fail, Life Win

Monday Monday you strike again! No no no, I need ONE more day! We had another wonderful weekend spent running, shopping, cleaning, and enjoying family and friends. This weekend was up there in terms of favorite weekends in recent memory. It was relaxing, fun, and I got a lot accomplished. All of my favorite things!

I got in my longest run post half marathon, a 9 miler. The run itself went better with each passing mile as I began trusting my legs with each passing step.The weather was cool and crisp- perfect for running. Days like this one remind me why I love running so very much. I was able to book end my run with two of the Sole Sistas randomly meeting up on the road. Running with company is so very much more enjoyable!

Technical Difficulties (a-hem bathroom break)

Saturday morning, I usually try and update Instagram, my post run ritual. This week, I made an effort to disconnect.  I truly worry that social media is destroying interpersonal communication, and I like everyone else, can be guilty of gluing my eyeballs to the phone. Instead of worrying about the digital world, I focused on the real world around me. I enjoyed a wonderful coffee date with a group of the Sole Sistas. These women make starting Saturday so much fun. I can hardly remember a time when I would have dreaded starting a Saturday at 5am, and now I can't imagine not kicking off my day this way!

My husband and I spent Saturday searching for the perfect item to complete a home project I've been working on the past week. I'll give ya'll those details tomorrow.

Then it was Halloween party time. Unfortunately, this is the only picture to document our festivities this year...

We're classy
Sunday we had friends over to cheer for our Saints! This was my cheat day and it was a doozie. My husband made his infamous corn and crab biqsue with "whole butter" aka real butter which apparently he has been missing from his diet as of late. He's so deprived let me tell ya. I'm going to have to work extra hard in the gym this evening, and every day this week. 

While this weekend was a blogging fail in terms of pictures and social media documentation, it was a total WIN in my book!

Do you ever try and disconnect from the digital world?

Weekly Work Out Goals:

Strength Training

4 Mile Run

7 Mile Run

4 Mile Run

Cross Training

14 Mile Run (New PR Distance)


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  1. It's good that you realize that sometimes you need to take a break and I LOVE the costume..too funny! I'm glad you had such a great weekend.

  2. Bah! It took be a few seconds with that costume!! Sounds like a complete win of a weekend!

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