Monday, October 7, 2013

12 Miles & Race Week Goals

My last long run is done. I had it out with the ole twelve miler for the second time, and I must say it was not nearly as bad as the first. I do feel confident in my abilities going into my second half marathon this coming Saturday. Training for the October half has been difficult, and the biggest factor: uncooperative weather. Heavy humidity coupled with heat make running no bueno, but running through this challenge has also made me stronger. Our South Louisiana cool front finally came through, and I can not wait to hit the pavement this evening! I do not do early Monday mornings, diva status says no.

The weekend went exactly as I had planned it to, relaxing and low key. This was by far the best weekend I have had nutrition wise in a very very long time.I am focused on this race next weekend. I want that PR, and I want it bad.

My 12 mile run went, well, it just kinda went. It wasn't phenomenal, it wasn't horrible, it just kinda was. I opted to forgo my garmin and focus on my Nike Running Ap since I do so well pacing myself with it. Since I had been sick the majority of last week, I didn't have high hopes for this run. I am happy to say I am feeling nearly 100% (YES!), so it will be telling to see what I can pull off this week, and ultimately on race day!

My run started off just fine. I ran 4 miles at my "race day pace" and I was feeling really great. It was humid, womp, and hot, double womp, but it wasn't as intense as it has been in previous weeks. This week was kinda of an off week for the Sole Sistas. No one knew what the weather was going to do, and there just weren't a lot of us out running. I was forced to run solo. Hello boring. My husband has been saying he'd drive around and bring us water during these long runs, and at mile four, there he was, my prince charming on a modern day white horse, a-hem pick up truck, with water AND Gatorade. I was really happy to see him, although I was still feeling really great. Mostly I was just feeling chatty, 4 miles alone is a long time for me to be quiet. I mostly ran my mouth to him while he coasted along beside me. I felt really great for my first 10k, and once I realized I was more than half way done, I started feeling better but honestly I was getting a little tired or bored. My heart just wasn't in this run. Then at 7 and half miles, I ran across two familiar faces, another Sole Sista and her husband out running. They were going for 17, and were only one mile ahead of me. I hung out with them until mile 10, and it was awesome to have people to talk to! My pace slowed a good deal but at this point I really didn't care. I was so happy to have company! Mr. Noel found us again at mile 9 with enough water and Gatorade for all of us. He was really a life savor this day. I ran my last two miles alone, and my legs and feet were starting to hurt. I powered through the last little bit by reminding myself how many carbs I'd earned for the day. Oh yeahs, will run for food! I reached the finish line and discovered I had run my 12 miles a whole 2 minutes faster than I had my first go round with the 12 mile route and without really trying. I really think I'll surprise myself during the half marathon next Saturday.

 I reached my car and called my husband, Where was he? He knew I was almost done and said he'd meet me for coffee. I gave him a ring, and he said I'll be there in a minute. I'm dropping water off for some other peeps. I really don't give my husband enough credit for how kind and thoughtful he is towards others. Mr. Noel had spent an entire ridiculously early morning riding around passing out water and Gatorade to not only myself, but everyone else he knew out pounding crazy mileage that day. This was one of those days where I was swelling with pride to call him my husband.Mr. Noel can be incredibly thoughtful and selfless. It's one of his qualities that I find most endearing as helping others, without expecting anything in return, is incredibly attractive to me. I could brag on him for days. Don't let the frown in this picture fool you, he just wasn't feeling the pictures at 7am :)

12 Miles Done!!! Feeling Awesome-Sauce!

I woke up Sunday morning, and put in another work out. Sunday is usually my rest day, however, I was feeling strong, so I started the day with Jillian's RIPPED in 30 Week 4. I really enjoy this work out! Here's my plan for the remainder of the week.

Weekly Goals:

4 Mile Run

30 Minute Tempo Run

3 Mile Run



Half Marathon

Stretch/  Recover

Email me

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  1. Great job!!! I ran 9 on Saturday and at mile 8 my feet were killing me! Good luck on Saturday.

  2. So proud of you lady for all your hard work that you continue to do... Looking forward to your race re-cap. You definitely keep me inspired. xoxo

  3. Awesome inspiration! I actually put together some weekly goals of my own to keep me motivated and on track. Can't wait to read about your race recap!

  4. Aw, Mr. Noel-- what a winner! Wish we had one of those driving around and passing out Gatorade to the runners of Chicago. Instead I have an older man who lives at the end of my street and reminded my how many times I snoozed this morning because he informed me I was "later than normal." I usually run past him when he's warming up at 7, but today I passed him at the end of his run at 7:25... HAH!

    Congrats on banging out an awesome 12-- so excited for you this weekend! PR or bust!

  5. Oh my gosh your husband really is amazing!!! I asked mine to pick me up at the end of my 10 miles this weekend and he couldn't because it was in the middle of his football game!! Hey I want to send your husband one of our mens Tee's for your half next week. You'll have to email me your address. The one that says "I don't do Marathons only Marathon Runners" :) Send me your address and his size! Also Kick ass run girlfriend I know for a fact you will PR NO DOUBT about it!!!! XOXOXOXO

  6. What a sweet husband! He deserves you to cater him tonight for Monday night football, bringing him beer and chicken wings every quarter :) So excited for your race!! You got this!!!! I have to say your IG posts this weekend kept me inspired to stay on the healthy eating track and even decline a beer! (gasp!)

  7. Love this, what a great man - youre one lucky lady :) Happy that it went ok :) Good Luck on Saturday - youre going to do amazing and I cant wait to see how it goes :)

  8. I l-o-v-e that picture of you jumping! Great job on your 12 miler - you totally have this half marathon in the bag! I hope the weather works out for you too! And Mr. Noel is sweet AND fun! You got a keeper there!

  9. Can't wait to read your race re-cap next week :)