Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekly Goals & GYSTS

Good mernin! Thank you to everyone for all the support in regards to my run recap from the weekend. I knew that run would be fun to write about and that many would relate. Occasionally, a blog post resonates to a wider audience and those are always the most fun to post. I've felt a little bit in a blogging rut as of late. The summer was rough and we all know my ass won't stop complaining about the weather! Fall is finally baring down on us, power of positive thought, and the tides are a turning! Lemme see how many cliches I can get up in dis post.

In addition to completing Jillian's RIPPED in 30 and training for half marathon numba 2, I'm linking up with Amber for Get your Shit Together September! For me, GYSTS is something I'll say to myself every time I want to shove my face into a bag of peanut butter M&Ms or try to convince myself one little 1500 calorie daiquiris won't hurt anything, as if!. NO MA'M! it's Get Your Shit Together September!

I will never publicly admit to how much I talk to myself. Only child syndrome 

I'm super excited to participate in Amber's challenge over at Crafty, Healthy, Mommy, for Get your Shit Together September hastagdat. It seems the summer was really hard on most as a whole, and it's time to put the breaks on the gain train and refocus!

If you don't follow Amber's blog you really need too. She's lost over a 100 pounds and I personally adore her story. Check her out here!
That's some motivation right there! Go Girl!

How do you plan to get your weight loss shit together in September?

Weekly Work Out Goals:


30 Minutes Cross Training
Jillian's RIPPED in 30 Week 2

5 mile Run
Jillian's RIPPED n 30 Week 2

40 Minute Temp Run
Jillian's RIPPED in 30 Week 2

Cross Training
Jillian's RIPPED in 30 Week 2

10 Mile Run 
(True Confessions I'm terrified  The weather is supposed to be sub-tropical. I shit you not that's what the weather man told me this morning! FACK!)

Jillian's RIPPED in 30 Week 2

It's blogging 101 that if you want people to continue to read, you gotta have pictures. I is sowwy. I've been really bad about taking selfies lately. My phone is still on the fritz. There may have been an incident with the freezer and the iPhone lately that didn't help matters... I have a long history of being really hard on cell phones. That's a great guest post for Mr. Noel. 

Selfie from Saturday, I was trying to come up with something to post on IG but my adult ADD set in before I could get to ..... What song is playing?! I love this song, lemme Shazam dat
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  1. I have a 10 miler planned this week too.... why do we live in the South?!? Oh yea, cause I get cold when its below 65 degrees.... I really need to move to Cali where its 70 year round practically!

    We can do this, and hopefully our race morning will be in the 70s! :)

  2. You crack me up!!!! Nuff said! Phone in the freezer?! LOL I am definitely gonna be participating in that GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER SEPTEMBER considering it's my birfday munf and all ;)

  3. Oh, you! I just love you! I share your "no ma'am! get your face out of those peanut butter M&Ms!" This summer did seem to be rough for a lot of us! Yay for GYSTS!!

  4. Rough summer is almost over! Isn't it? Why is it still hot?? Wtf mother nature. W. T. F.

  5. I don't know what my excuse is if talking to yourself too much is part of only child syndrome, LOL. I have repeated it to myself several times in the last week, but it's working so far! 7 days almost perfect clean eating so far! Good luck on your run, I know you can do it and so do you!

  6. I've been doing the shred for awhile and just ordered the Ripped and her yoga. Just needed a change.

  7. Man, this summer has blown chunks, Im so ready for it to be over - It felt like I was wading through soup walking into work - ugh :) I have 9 planned for Sunday - dear god let me not die - Ill be thinking of your badass running self to get me through :)

  8. I feel ya on the cell phone front. I may or may not have super glued my home button ;) good luck on the 10 miler - hope it goes better than mine did... http://eatrunsleepandrepeat.blogspot.com/2013/09/slow-is-new-fast-right.html)