Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Fine Line Between Training Hard and Being Stupid

I am 37 short days away from the starting line of my second half marathon. It feels surreal, especially since training hasn't felt nearly has fun this go around, just keeping it real! The weather is really sucking the fun out of the run for me. It's hot, it's humid, yawn complain about something else puhleasseeee, and it's messing with my mojo. I am craving a cool, cool-er, cool-sih weather run. Low 70s and a dew point in the 60s, that's all I'm asking for! It really doesn't take that much to make me happy!

Still I find myself day dreaming about run tights, jackets with thumb holes,ear warmers, gloves, and even a runny nose, oh it just sounds heavenlyyyy. Mother nature is really taking all of my self coaching to get out there and log the miles. Thursday morning, I took my pins out for a 5 mile spin and man oh man it was hot. When I made it back to the gym one of the other early birds said to me, keeee yaaaaa honey you caught a sweat?! So you're telling me I look lovely right now huh? Heyyy moo cha-chos!

Sweaty & Stinky but oh so happy!
Half training week seven has not been my best week. I over did it during week six, and I am paying for it now.I probably would have been ok had I not decided to roll hard on my legs after my 10k last Saturday morning, followed up with beginning Jillian's RIPPED in 30 on a rest day, filed under #worstdecisionsever, but hey that's what you get, over training! 

Rest during training is just as important as logging the runs. I'm still teaching myself this lesson. I often feel if I'm not spinning all my wheels, pealing out into finish, and falling into bed exhausted, then I'm not working hard enough.This often results in the over training sluggies aka frequent fatigue, unable to perform at max intensity because of a lack in rest!  I took a total rest day Monday, setting out Tuesday to complete my assigned 4.5 mile run. I got .75 miles in, and had to stop. This happened to me once during half training round one, and I felt so defeated. I really beat myself up. Quitting during this run, I did the exact same thing to myself. You're a quitter, fail fail fail, you do not quit, get moving sista! I pushed myself to a mile and a quarter before I thought, You're just being hard headed and stupid. Give it a rest! I have a extremely hard time discerning between Am I being a pansy? Suck it up buttercup! or Is this legitimate pain that needs rest and not a recovery run? I couldn't shake the feeling that something was seriously off, so I called time on the run. I have still completed Ripped in 30 each day, however, I felt my legs needed some run rest.

It's just as important to document the not so fun runs, adjusting to higher mileage, as it is to document those runs that induce that feeling: alive, on fire, I am women hear me roar!! Training is made up of a multitude of runs and emotions, and the bad runs make me so much more appreciative the great ones! I can't wait to write a post once one of those runs sets in, because that friends is why I get out there and do this craziness to myself. The high is worth the pain, preach it sista!

Wednesday, speed training went off easily, and my legs felt fantastic again. Thursday morning, I felt meh ok, but not seriously off. My left calf is nag a laggin me a lil bit, but nothing I can't run through. Only you know the difference! Training hard or being stupid? Don't be stupid. Deep thoughts from me this morning, you're welcome!

In other news, I was super curious as to how many calories Ripped in 30 was burning for me since I felt like Week One was a little to easy. I don't usually wear my heart rate monitor for indoor activity,  it creates a big mess of work outs when I go to upload my activity onto Garmin, and all I really want to do is analyze run times. Anywho, I wore my heart rate monitor during my Ripped in 30 week one work out and my speed training work out on the treadmill Wednesday. To my immense surprise, I burned nearly as many calories during Ripped in 30 as when I was busting my lady buns sprinting two miles. Both times include cool down time. Not bad, Jillian not bad!

Top- Ripped in 30 Week one  Bottom- 400 x 8 (5k Pace) & Half Mile Incline Walk

Annddd that's all I got today folks! Hope you're having an AWESOME week! Boom chakalacka! (I'm loving sound affects today! WOOP!)

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  1. Holla..girl you're on fire!!! Um yeah I love warm weather but running in it is no bueno. So if a cold front could just be here while I run and then quickly disapait when I'm done that would be perfect.

  2. Love to see what Ripped burns - thanks for that! My favorite jackets are the ones with thumb holes - why are they so hard to find under $50?

  3. What is your take on compression socks?! I think I need some the more longer runs I start to venture out on!

  4. the title of this post caught my attention! My trainer is ALWAYS talking about this because he helps a lot of people coming back from sports injuries so he obviously doesnt want them to overdo it and be dumb because they are in a hurry to get back to tip-top shape.

  5. My calves aren't bothering me its my back and hips... hubs says its prolly due to a weaker core and those muscles over compensating, guess its a good thing September is plank month challenge for me! :)

    Good for you for resting when you need to!

  6. You are seriously SUCH a motivation. I'm finally taking the right steps to get back in shape and exercise regularly. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  7. I love reading about your daily workouts! I really need to get back to posting mine to keep myself accountable. They're never as impressive as your two-a-days, gonna-run-9-miles-at-warp-speed workouts, though. "Today I decided to work on arms while watching TV in the basement so I did two rounds of this Pinterest workout. I think I got a little heated and had to take off my sweatshirt." ;-)

    Actually, wait. Having to write that crap would be great motivation to pump it up! Sold!

  8. run in the sun is NO FUN!!!! Great job for getting out there!!! I'm running my 3rd half in November this time I'm not following a training plan we'll see how this goes :) Just upping my milage every Saturday for the long runs :) You are looking FITtastic girlfriend!!! I love that you keep it real!!!!
    Happpy Thursday
    Elisha RUN RUN RUN

  9. Hey Miss Elle Noel...did you know you can change the option on your HRM to "use indoors"? When I upload my data, I go in and "quick edit" it to change the title of it. This way I know what activity I was doing :)