Monday, September 23, 2013

Stranded, Rained on, and Still Smiling: Things I'm Thankful for

The biggest FIRST for me this weekend, my long run was rained out. Since I started training for races, this has NEVER happened to me. I woke up at 4:30am Saturday morning to head out for my run. It was pouring rain and lightening out. I really battled internally with, suck it up buttercup, and don't be stupid you hard headed fool. Eventually, I decided to wait until about 6am to see if the weather would clear up so that I could log my miles. I was on a bit of a time crunch, as I had plans to head out to Baton Rouge later in the day. The rain was not letting up, and I was still putting pressure on myself to hit the pavement. Eventually I thought, you're going to miss a whole bunch of runs if your dumb ass slips and breaks a leg. 

I had to get in a work out regardless of the weather. I settled for Jillian's RIPPED in 30 Week 3 one last time and 55 minutes of treadmill incline walk/run work. Since this week's long run was not a mileage building week, I figure getting rained out couldn't have happened on a better week. Glass half full peeps!

Next, I was off to Baton Rouge with Ashley, who I know through my gym. Long time Elle Noel readers will recognize Ashley.  She was my run coach for 10k training, and we've kept in touch ever since. I always have a blast whenever I spend time with her. She's such a fun person and has a great heart. Everyone who meets Ashley loves Ashley. Seriously. I was very excited about heading out on this adventure together, I knew we would have a blast! She's also been working with my Macro Coach Ashley Leahy, who was going to be in Baton Rouge visiting family for the LSU game. Ashley and I made a last minute decision to head off to LSU tailgating to meet Ashley Leahy for the first time. (To keep the Ashleys straight in the story. I will always refer to Ashley Leahy by her full name) Ashley and I were in for a serious adventure. Neither of us had ever been LSU tailgating without a guide (or a man for that matter), as we aren't familiar with Baton Rouge or LSU's campus. When it comes to Baton Rouge, I can navigate a few key places, but outside of that, I'm lost. We took off together with the attitude of, two college degrees and two iphones between us, we'll figure this out. 

We made it to our hotel without any troubles, although it wasn't what either of us expected, but no big deal, we can roll with that. Everyone we know had cautioned us that transportation on game day can be difficult, and to anticipate delays. We planned on drinking so we both knew driving was out. Directly after checking in we spy a shuttle, Hey hey hey now that was easy! Shuttle number in hand, we head to grab a quick lunch at a Mexican restaurant in the hotel's parking lot where we each had a spinach salad with lean protein. Patting ourselves on the back for our macro approved choice we call the shuttle bus driver. He's on his way and ten minutes later we're off to the stadium. This is so easy! What was everyone talking about, difficult transportation?? It's not even raining, hahahahaha! Winning! Right?! (It's NEVER good to be smug ya'll. It will bite you in the ass) Selfie Time!

The driver provides us with instructions as to where the shuttle pick up will be located. It's all good in the hood, we ain't worried bout a thang! We have instructions as to where Ashley Leahy is tailgating, we hop off the shuttle and start walking. The walk around LSU was tons of fun. We frequently stopped to ask for directions but we were enjoying the experience! One very nice, very drunk gentleman even offered to give us a lift in his helicopter. We should have asked for his number because we would need it later. We even ran into another one of our Sole Sistas out tailgating! We weren't getting rained on, it was windy, but the weather felt great! Roughly an hour after disembarking the shuttle, we meet up with Ashley Leahy! Ashley Leahy introduced us to all of her family members and we were immediately made to feel welcome at their spot! We enjoyed chatting with Ashley Leahy about all things from macros, men, and fantasy football. Ashley Leahy was exactly as I had imagined her to be from all of our previous correspondence: beautiful, professional, and DISCIPLINED with her macros. Which is why she has her pro card, I mean hello!

Waiting to see the Tigers head into the stadium
Time passed quickly and game kick off was approaching. The weather was becoming increasingly unpredictable, and what started off as a slight drizzle quickly turned into a pour, but no worries. We have umbrellas! It was time to say goodbye,as Ashley Leahy and her husband were off to the football game. Ashley and I decided to head off in search of a sports bar to watch the game. Here come the trusty iphones! There's not much around us, restaurant or bar wise to be honest, but we're good with walking. My brain is functioning at full capacity, although I do feel slightly impaired by the Krystal Light daiquiris I've been drinking most of the afternoon. No stress though, we got this. After a mile - ish?  long trek in the rain, and we arrive wind blown and rain soaked at the nearest Sports Bar. We are so happy to be there, and we had a really great time.  There were lots of people, loud music, and a general fun time atmosphere going on around us.We ran into our friend with the chopper and had a few more drinks. Eventually, we decide it's time to eat again. We'll just get a table, or not considering it's a two hour wait. This is about the time I begin to realize just how far away we are from the shuttle drop, our hotel, and it's dark out. No beuno. The buzz has escalated and I'm trying to collect my wits. Gotta think Leigh Ann, how are ya'll going to get out of here!? Every cab company is telling us 30 minutes, although some do have the good grace to just laugh and hang up, it's clear we aren't getting a cab. Literally every drunk person outside of the restaurant/bar claims they've got the next cab. It ain't looking good for us. We decide maybe to try walking to another restaurant/bar out come the phones. It's becoming clear just how in the middle of no where we actually are, when outta no where comes a Rickshaw driver heading into an ice cream shop. Ashley and I's light bulbs go off at the same moment, we have got to get in that Rickshaw.

What a Rickshaw cycle looks like for those who are unfamiliar
We decide it's best to head back to the hotel, not a separate location, as who knows how the heck we'd get home from another restaurant. The rickshaw driver seems hesitant as to whether or not he can legally drive the rickshaw as far away as our hotel. We plead, he agrees. To his credit, he never once complained about pedaling our two drunk butts for the three mile ride back to our hotel. I am so thankful to this man for the ride, however I sincerely hope to never feel stranded like this again. I don't know how many times we told him, We aren't lazy. Honest. If we had tennis shoes, and it wasn't raining, we'd totally run this. I bet we could even make it in under 25 minutes! 

We ended our tailgating experience the way it started. Back at the same Mexican restaurant where we'd had lunch 10 hours previously, laughing hysterically at our turn of events for the day. This was an experience I am not soon to forget, however I could not have had a travel partner with a better attitude. I'm looking forward to many more adventures with Ashley

Things this trip made me thankful for:

1. Technology- iphones are life savers
2. My husband, I didn't realize how difficult navigating the tailgating experience can be, because he has always made it so incredibly easy for me. He's a superstar.
3. Friends who can roll through the rough spots, and still laugh, had either one of us been even remotely Diva Status, this experience could have gone south and fast.
4. Fancy RaceTracs, Ashley knows why :)
5. My car. I have never been so happy to sit in the drivers seat and cruise on home.

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  1. Sounds like a fun adventure! Phil was saying how his fb friends were talking about wearing swimsuits to the tailgate because it was so wet! Glad you had a great time :) Happy Monday!

  2. Geaux Tigers!!! Gameday in BR is a force to be reckoned with...last fall I was "stranded" at a bar (read: total and complete drunk diva status) and my parents came to pick me up from a bar, as my cousin who is the student at LSU was far to interested in the coeds :)

  3. oh no! I am sorry your LSU tailgating experience wasn't that great... I opted out of tailgating this weekend due to the weather, and I am glad I did because I got enough rain in the stadium! I hope you come back and try it again, it can be a blast, although the traffic thing is an every weekend deal. I always tailgate in flip flops or tennis shoes, because lots of walking goes on! :)

  4. I'm in South Alabama and we put off our long run until 6:15 to avoid the rain. We were able to avoid the rain but oh my, the humidity was HORRIBLE!!! Sorry the tailgating didn't go as planned! WAREAGLE!!!

  5. I love how you always look at the brighter side. ;) And check out dem' legs! Ow ow!

  6. Love that you took a pedicab back (that's what we call rickshaws:). It was so neat you got to meet Ashley, she's my macro coach too!! Glad you made the best of the rain and got home safely.

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    keep up the good work friend. I will be back to read more of your posts.