Friday, September 20, 2013

Ridiculously Easy T Shirt to Tank in Five Steps

Race Day T-Shirts, I have more than I care to count. Each race comes with a sign up fee, which buys you way more than just a run outside with hundreds of your closest friends! (This is how I sell these things to my husband) The sign up includes a bib (the most important part), timing chip for bigger races, a bunch of other random free bees you may or may not want or need (there are usually awesome coupons to local run shops- you need that), free beer and food tickets (this is what always seals the deal) and the all important T-Shirt. That next to no one wears on race day. 

I usually end up with two shirts per race. I am an over achiever like that - touche! Occasionally, there is a team shirt, and a race day shirt. I have way too many of these shirts. I personally don't like t-shirts. I find them to be unflattering and ....generic. True confessions time, I started cutting up my race day t-shits to wear for runs. I only started doing this because I was out of clean work out tops and needed something to wear. 

Chopped Up 2013 Race for the Cure Tee
Anywho, I'm telling you this because someone noticed on IG (@ellenoelfitness) and asked me to share my how to! This is as Pinterest-y and crafty as I get people. I'm that person who makes friends with incredibly crafty people who can run circles around those do it yourselfers on HGTV ooohhh ahhhhh how did you do that?! Please help me turn XYZ into something super fabulous Work smarter not harder! 

Transforming your unwanted and unworn race day t-shirt into work out wear is very simple. Trust me. If I can do this anyone can do this. 

Step One:

Decide which shirt is gonna make the cut

Race for the Cure 2013 Team Shirt

Step Two:

Fold that bad boy in half. Line it up exactly so that your arm holes are cut evenly. Decided where to start chopping. I like for my arm hole to be on the larger side so I can really move my arms when I work out. You have to be ok with a little bit of your sports bra showing for this to work. 

Step Three:

Chop in semi circle, not a straight line.

Step Four:

Just like that, you're sleeveless! Now it's time to give your neck some wiggle room! Literally cut the collar out of the shirt. Start small, you can always chop bigger!

Step Five:

Ready for the gun show! Muahahaha!

This felt like a blogging rite of passage. Puhlease girl. I pinned this idea two years ago. 

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  1. Adorable and easy! Sadly, I don't do tanks because of my flappers...double wave...etc.

  2. This helped me because I just tried to make one of these and totally did not think to fold it in half to make the armholes even! So I got crooked cuts....whatever I wore that shirt anyways! You might have seen it on FB - big purple shirt with the peace sign!! Perfect for cabrewing with my hippie friends :)

  3. If I have a bigger shirt, I will use the collar part to tie the back up to keep it from falling :)

  4. So much easier than most of them I find on Pinterest!

    I nominated you for an award on my blog today

  5. I love home made tees! YOU are rockin' it sista! Happy Friday Gorgeous!!

  6. Haha, I love this! I always try to do this to my shirts but it somehow gets ruined and I get mad. Then I just buy more workout tanks. Shopaholic over here. haha

  7. Great idea! I have too many of those t shirts wasting away in the bottom of my drawer. --Becky